How to create a self-driving car after hacking the iPhone

We all know a little bit quirky guys, we feel in a good way saying that ”they are not of this world.” These guys do what we didn’t dream. They sit down at the computer for a few minutes quickly plucked the keys on the keyboard and give birth to a masterpiece. If you give them more time, they write a cool app or hack into the server of the Pentagon. One of those guys, about which we will talk today, managed to crack the first iPhone, when it still knew nothing, then to conquer the impregnable PlayStation, and now have created in your garage self-driving car. Tesla, Google, Apple move…

George Hotz

The person about whom speech will go today, name is George Francis Hotz Jr. Now he is only 30 years. It is interesting that in different sources the date of his birth varies. Somewhere it is written that he was born on October 2, and it says somewhere on 9 Oct 1989. Among knowledgeable people, he is better known under the nickname geohot, 75 million or mil.

George was born in the small town of Glen Rock in the family Mary Minichello and George Hotsa. The city’s population currently stands at just over 11 000 people. Whether on the city level, whether on the level of George says that in listing 5-7 is known to locals in different sources, he always gets in this list.

It didn’t stop him from doing what was his calling, namely, to become a hacker. Now he is developing self-driving car attracts your research millions of dollars of investment, but it all started as usual with the small.

Where to start young genius?

From an early age George Hotz participated in one competition in the United States, in which pupils and students offered their invention. Basically, Hotz offered projects related to robotics.

One of his first participation in such contests was in 2004, and it happened at ISEF (Intel International Science and Engineering Fair). The first attempt he was among the finalists, which aroused attention for his talent on the part of the media and even the Larry king.

The young genius was often interviewed.

His love of robots to which we will return later, I started in high school. He was part of the team Titanium Knights. This command was engaged in the creation of combat bots, and participated in various themed contests.

In addition, as a hobby, the young genius was engaged in the project, which has received the name ”Neuropilot”. As part of it George has developed a device that can read EEG waves of the human brain. With this project in 2007, he was able to gain recognition in the framework of the same event, taking part in it for the third time.

Hotz likes to work in a relaxed atmosphere.

How to hack iPhone

The first smartphone from Apple, which was prepared for the role of a generator the main profit of the company for many years to come, was released in 2007. George Hotz wanted to use it, but he was the subscriber of T-Mobile, at the time, as new software was imprisoned exclusively for AT&T. More than confident that any of us just would have changed the room or wait until the smartphone will learn to work with any SIM cards but for the young genius that was way too easy.

Instead, he took apart iPhone, soldered to the processor data transfer wire to ensure voltage and skremblirovanie code. After that, he wrote a program that allowed the smartphone to work in any network operator.

On the face of Hotz and read: “Could make the defense more difficult.”

Later, Hotz even money on his creation. He accepted the proposal of the Director General Certicell and exchanged hacked smartphone for a Nissan 350Z and three new iPhones. The car he left himself, and smartphones handed out to those who helped him in the burglary.

He worked, as a rule, not one, but his partners on the projects the company was a public persona and prefer just to enjoy the work. Sam Hotz also did this until iOS4, not demanding money. That is, it did not sell its achievements, and even in his blog called bastards those doing such things for money, considering it unworthy of a ”Proper Hacker”.

After the release of iOS4 Hotz said that the audience too serious about jailbreak and he does not like. In the end, he promised to release the latest hack for iOS and be done with it. Many thought that he was just stalling, but he fulfilled his promise.

How to reflash a PlayStation 3

At the end of 2009 in his blog, Hotz published the record ”A Real Challenge” (”a Real challenge”). So it marked the beginning of work on the security breach of the Sony PlayStation 3. At the time this console was considered a benchmark of stability to break-ins. At the same time, George didn’t want to use adapters and other hardware hacking, as it was with the previous generation of consoles. He chose to hack the console fully software.

Notwithstanding a slogan, which did the work, George managed just over five weeks. In this case, all steps and stages of the work he published in his blog, what attracted his, to put it mildly, illegal occupation a lot of interest.

PlayStation 3 the time was considered the most secure system

26th January 2010, he announced the completion of the works. In short, the hack was to gain access to the hypervisor after running Linux in the ”OtherOS”. Very soon Sony has released new firmware, which closed access to ”OtherOS”. Hotz did not stop and it is really was a real challenge.

In the end, the console was hacked, but hack tools has not received proper distribution. However, and this really angered Sony, which has called the hacking console in direct violation of the user agreement and a violation of copyright law in the digital age. Hotz and those who are with him were involved in this project, was summoned to court.

George was not planning to give up and hired two lawyers, and money to pay for their services is collected in the network. The amount was collected in just 18 hours. As protection lawyers referred to the recent act that the user has the right to arbitrarily dispose of the devices that are bought legally. Sony didn’t agree, but the proceedings were reduced to nothing. In the end, all were satisfied.

The car with the autopilot in the garage

In the beginning of the article I was talking about the great love Hotsa to robotics. Currently, she reveals fully. It is expressed in the creation of its own self-driving car. Of course, George would not be himself, if this is the case without hacking systems. But about all under the order.

His car goes without a driver. This is really cool!

When creating your car, he is convinced that the autopilot should drive as smooth as possible, as if ”sitting behind the wheel” not a soulless robot, and the world’s best limo driver. Such detail he pays a lot of attention. His system envisages a shift to the left in the row, if the shoulder or bike lane riding cyclist. Commendable!

Given his past achievements, to obtain from investors a few million on research and development was not a big problem. That’s just the investors were third-party. Automakers don’t want to mess with upstart, as it was necessary to give him access to their best practices, as they too cherish. A major investor is Andreessen Horowitz, which has allocated to the development of more than three million dollars.

Startup Hotsa called ”Comma”. The money he received as investments are spent not only on design but also on creation of complete kits for conversion of vehicles. These kits can transform a car and self-governing, even if the factory such a possibility was not provided.

Now the work has moved very far in the coming months the equipment can do in a free market. In the first place, it will be sold for cars Honda and Acura. Later there will be support and the other cars.

Is the comma (Comma) on the chest Want.

Since manufacturers are not willing to cooperate with Hocom, he has to hack into their onboard systems. Then he use his programming skills and working on the jailbreak. The first was a hacked system Acura. So Hotz and announces the beginning of sales of ready-made systems for the above vehicles, which are the two sides of the same brand.

Makers of self-driving cars

Many people think that self-driving cars can only go out from the bowels of major corporations like Google, GM, Tesla, Apple, UBER and others. It turns out that it may engage even a young upstart with a strange startup in his garage. By the way, Hotz even challenged Elon musk, urging him to compare their autopilots, but the head of Tesla has not responded to this appeal. Afraid or too many people challenge him?

I think we might be able to create higher quality cars with automatic control, though, the Mask will make the best rocket. says Hotz.

Car George Hotsa driving on public roads. He even took a ride on some journalists. At the same time, he created it, in fact, single, but now, to continue the work he wants to hire another 20 ”copies of itself”.

As usual, has not done without small scandal. As soon as it was published video demonstration of the autopilot on public roads, it caused a wave of criticism from the California Department of vehicles. Want even sent a letter of termination of such experiments on public roads. The fact that the traffic rules for vehicles with automatic control are still being developed, and the legality of such tests in public places remains an open question.

Hotz countered by the fact that his car is not fully Autonomous, and applied technology are more a kind of work the cruise control. Especially letter addressed to it may not serve as an outright ban, but simply is a call and a legal opinion by one of the parties.

George Hotz talks with passion about his project.

The cost of an unmanned vehicle

As we all know, the cost of the cars that our database will have the function of the autopilotis very high. In turn, due to the fact that the methods of program management is already well established, and the components necessary for the creation of unmanned vehicles has dramatically fallen in price, Hotz suggests that will be able to sell ready-made kits for less than $ 1,000.

By the way, the above example with a cyclist on the road or bike path, is very interesting. Hotz stated that this decision was not spelled out in the code of the autopilot. This artificial intelligence has learned. Maybe he’s just throwing his weight around, but if not — that’s really cool.

You might think that George Hotz does not like rivals, but in fact it is not. He is respectful to the companies that are similar to his designs. He even says that he wants to buy himself a Tesla Model 3, which considers a very successful model. Maybe it’s just a fad and the fact that all startups in Silicon valley should definitely have in your garage Tesla.