How dangerous is the operation for breast enlargement?

According to statistics, every year in the United States is done about 400,000 surgical procedures for breast augmentation. Most breast implants are just for cosmetic purposes, however, there are patients who need implants after treatment of breast cancer. With all this, many women do not even suspect the danger they are taking. Dr. they simply forget to inform that implants are not a lifelong service life and can cause loss of strength, pain in muscles and joints, as well as cancer. In this regard, the U.S. quality supervision, food and drug administration (FDA) has forced manufacturers of dental implants clearly explain the risks in the operations for breast enlargement.

After breast surgery in women can occur lymphoma

According to the FDA’s Amy Abernethy and Jeff Surina, many women are not fully informed about the dangers of breast implants. They mainly learned through social media posts. Now the list of consequences after surgery will be printed directly on the packaging with the artificial body. This step, according to representatives of management, improve the awareness of patients and health care providers themselves. All this according to edition of the Washington Post.

The danger of breast implants

Breast implants can indeed cause rare types of cancer. For example, they include anaplastic large-cell lymphoma, which is a tumor not extending deeper than the skin. It consists of many so-called T-cells, which severely weakens the human immune system. Symptoms of this disease, in particular, are painful seal the red-purple color. Also, patients present high fever, profuse sweating at night time and weight loss.

On packages with breast implants will be printed warning

In addition, women with breast implants may experience headache, blurred consciousness and other symptoms, collectively known as the “disease of breast implants”. Such problems are complaining about a female visitor websites, so the recommendation of the FDA warning of the dangers of surgery are not left without attention. For example, an activist from the canadian city of Vancouver named Nicole Garuda announced that sooner or later it had to happen. For her this is very important news, because previously for possession of breast implants she has had serious health problems and had to be removed.