A new type of battery will enable electric cars to travel nearly 2,400 miles without recharging

Electric cars today are more tightly included in our daily life. In almost any major city-metropolis (including in our country) can find a charging station for Tesla electric car. And capacity of the battery, in fact, lies one of the main problems of current electric cars. They’re still not as powerful as I would like. However, all may change with the invention of the British engineer Trevor Jackson.

How to make battery electric vehicles more capacious

Surely you (and we today) have not heard anything about Trevor Jackson. And he, meanwhile, has worked as an engineer for companies such as Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems (defence a UK based company engaged in the development of weapons, information security, aerospace), as well as to serve as an officer of the Navy of Her Majesty the Queen.

As informs edition Daily Mail, at the beginning of the two thousandth’s Mr. Jackson thought that traditional lithium-ion batteries are outdated and need to modify the technology. Then, of course, about electric cars, the engineer did not even think. He just decided to develop, on the basis of aluminium for a more powerful battery than lithium-ion counterparts. In addition, the electrolyte Trevor Jackson has decided to use safe for the environment. The development took almost 18 years. During this time, the British have developed an environmentally friendly battery which is suitable for use in any sphere — from creation of conventional batteries to batteries of electric cars and even airplanes. But not all was so smoothly.

Since then, as an engineer 10 years ago showed a prototype of its device companies engaged in the field of electrification, he felt pressure from the automotive industry. Battery called unverified and its capabilities is too high. As far as overpriced? Well, if you believe the engineer, the battery Jackson holds nine times more kilowatt-hours of electricity per kilogram than lithium-ion. Want a simple example? Please: if you put comparable in weight and size of the battery on the Tesla Model S, the range of electric cars will increase from 600 to almost 2400 kilometers.

A breakthrough in my experiments came when I found a new formula for the electrolyte is not toxic and not corrosive. I even drank it when I was demonstrating to investors, to prove that it is safe,” says Trevor Jackson. In addition to safety, the electrolyte has another important advantage — it can work with metals of low quality, for example, recycled cans of soda. His formula, however, I hold in the strictest confidence.

Trevor Jackson. The inventor of the battery of a new type

And it could be mistaken for another “duck”, if not a few “but”. First, an independent, expert assessment conducted by the government Agency UK Trade and Investment in 2017, came to the conclusion that the battery is Jackson really “meets the specs” and based on “reliable technology.”