A large-scale project to clean up oceans from plastic aozora resumed

Some time ago we wrote you about a pretty massive (and ultimately failed) project, the Ocean Cleanup, which started a year ago. This project was intended to clean up the ocean from plastic garbage. In January 2019, the team, admitting their mistakes, began to Refine overall a pretty promising concept. And, it seemed, that about the Ocean Cleanup all have forgotten. But then suddenly and to the delight of Greta Thunberg it was announced that the most ambitious project to clean up oceans from plastic re-launched. But what has changed during this time?

What is the Ocean Cleanup

The basic concept was first presented at the TEDx conference in October 2012. It was assumed that the Great Pacific garbage patch (this is almost an “island” of plastic waste in the ocean) will be a huge barrier, which will allow you to collect floating plastic waste for catching them from the ocean. After a year of testing, the first prototype System 001 started to collect plastic trash. However, the system has worked not for long. And you still believe in such projects and in General, do you consider them promising. Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

January 4, 2019 Ocean Cleanup broke from the massive curved pipe broke off a piece with a length of 18 meters, and part of the plastic even before this incident simply is not captured by the system due to too rapid movement of the structure. Then the developers decided to return to Ocean Cleanup in port for repairs and modernization.

Our team remains steadfast in its determination to resolve the existing technical problems, to achieve the goal of cleaning the ocean from plastic waste. — the main ideologist of the project, Boyan salt.we still have much to do, and I am eternally grateful to the team for her dedication to our mission. And I look forward to continue the work.

An updated version of the Ocean Cleanup has been called System 002, and design has undergone a number of significant changes and improvements. In particular, engineers attached a couple of huge inflatable buoys that will allow System 002 to be more sustainable, and a huge 20-foot parachute designed to solve one of the main disadvantages of System 001. Due to the parachute design is not much to accelerate and to slow down their movement to the speed of the current of the ocean.

Brought to mind the design of the System 002