Tesla cars have learned to drive around Parking lots without a driver

It seems that Tesla cars now without any exaggeration can be called the most comfortable mode of transport in the world. In the cabin of these electric vehicles, you can literally live — we haven’t heard news about the inconvenience of installed seats, and then sitting on them you can safely eat popcorn and watch TV shows. In late September the manufacturer has decided to please owners of cars Tesla release one of the biggest software updates. Tenth version received the support of new services for watching videos, official support ported from consoles and Smart Summon, which allows you to cause car Parking spaces directly to the threshold of the shopping centre or other buildings.

Tesla is constantly working on improving their cars. Sometimes innovations are not visible to regular users and hiding somewhere under the hood of the car. For example, in early September, the company spoke about a new type of batteriesthat wear out two times slower than the current options. This is a very cool innovation that will save motorists money and nerves, but its benefits can only be assessed over time. But some updates are immediately apparent — the inside of Tesla cars have huge displays, so why not use them for watching movies while waiting the child out of kindergarten?

Movies and games in the cars Tesla

The company understands that the enormous displays can and should be used not only for maps but also for entertainment purposes. That is why in the tenth version of the software, a host of multimedia features. For example, the company has expanded the list of application tools for viewing TV serials and shows through Netflix and Hulu. Of course, the games list is also updated in addition to the old games from the classic Atari consoles, the company added support for modern platformer Cuphead, which once mentioned Elon Musk.

The company also allowed motorists to sing karaoke and gave a very funny function called “Car-aoke”. However, singing your favorite songs on the go it was like Carpool Karaoke with James Korden is unlikely to succeed because of the entertainment features are only available when the vehicle is in the Parking lot.

Remote control car Tesla

Speaking of Parking — all these features are overshadowed by the Summon Smart mode, allowing you to call car Parking spaces directly to the doorstep of the shopping center. According to the description in the official blog of Tesla, people who were able to test the feature before its release, was delighted with the innovations. One of the owners of Tesla on Twitter showed how it caused the car to yourself during a heavy rain and he and the kids had to go to him with heavy bags and get wet in the shower.

This function is only available to owners of Tesla cars with the autopilot function, the cost of which is $ 8,000. While not quite clear how the car finds the location of its owner. The blog stated that the function requires that the car has been in the field of view of the owner, but most often in the Parking lot to see your car is virtually impossible — it needs to look. Most likely, we are talking about the immediate vicinity of the electric vehicle, and if the owner is too far away, the Smart Summon in the mobile app is simply not available.