NASA plans to launch a robot on Titan

Titan — the largest moon of Saturn and the second largest satellite in the Solar system after Ganymede. The terrain on Titan, with its methane lakes is strongly reminiscent of a scene from some sci-Fi horror movie. In order for once we were able to see the landscape of Titan with his own eyes, NASA experts intend to send a shape-shifting robots amphibians to study the gas tanks on the biggest moon of Saturn.

Visualization of robots of the future that can change its shape depending on the surrounding landscape

What we need to explore Titan?

Titan is the only Solar system body, the surface of which are scientifically proven reservoirs with the liquid. In addition, a satellite of Saturn, boasts of its dense atmosphere, providing a constant pressure on the surface of the satellite is 1.5 times larger than the earth. Titan has a large stock of hydrocarbons, providing almost all ground equipment necessary for work energy. The Cassini mission launched to Saturn in 1997, showed the presence of the satellite many kilometers of lakes that consists entirely of methane and ethane found on Earth only in gaseous form. In order to study the structure of the detected lakes, scientists plan to send a few mini-robots that can be combined in one boat of the usual size. Currently, the development of robots actively performed at the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA in Pasadena, California.

Twilight landscape of Titan is very similar to those we see in science fiction movies

Some robots will go to Titan?

The robots that will be sent to Titan in the middle of the 2020-ies will be required not only to surf the moon’s surface, as do the Martian Rovers, but will need to be able to swim in the methane lakes, fly over canyons and waterfalls of the satellite. It is in order to provide incredible versatility when using the extraterrestrial of automatic devices, NASA hopes to send in the vicinity of Saturn futuristic looking flying field, which breaks down into parts for different tasks.

Despite the fact that currently, the robot is more like a drone, to the sides of which are attached a pair of wheels disproportionate, the researchers argue that already a unique device is ready to launch into the sky in the framework of the verification experiments.

Currently the robot, developed by NASA for flight on Titan, looks that way

In total, the team of scientists hopes to build a group of 12 robots that will be able to explore underwater like terrain and deep, rocky cave. Due to the fact that at the present time, mankind has very limited data of what exactly is the surface of Titan, the researchers intend to create the device, capable of analyzing and extracting data about Saturn in all conditions and types of terrain.