Established the cap to encourage hair growth. How it works?

Remember all your relatives, friends and acquaintances of men — among them there are probably people with a bald head. Hair loss afraid of almost everyone, because today the beautiful hair is such as important part of the human image as the clothes. In order to prevent baldness, it is recommended to protect the scalp from injury, wash the head with cool water, drinking multivitamins and not to walk around without a hat in winter. But what to do if my hair started to fall out and the head started to form a bald patch? Methods of treatment of baldness , a huge variety, but recently, scientists from Wisconsin-Madison (USA) have developed a cap to encourage hair growth. You’re already wondering how it works?

One of the creators has already tested the device on my grandfather

Let’s begin with the most popular methods of treatment of baldness. If you go to the doctor-trichologist who deals with the problems of the hair and scalp, he may recommend three ways of getting rid of baldness. First, he can prescribe cosmetic product Minoxidil which really is able to intensify the work responsible for the growth of vegetation on the body of hair follicles, but does not help everyone. Also the doctor may prescribe a drug called finasteride, which can also help, but is likely to reduce men’s sex drive. The third sentence of trichologist can be a costly hair transplant procedure.

How to renew hair growth?

More recently, some doctors advise their patients a method of treatment called electrotrichogenesis. Its essence is to stimulate the hair follicles weak electrical discharges. Judging by the reviews some patients, the effect of such therapy still exists. But no cons at this time also came in handy for electric stimulation of hair used is quite bulky equipment with long battery life.

Device for stimulation of hair growth can fit in the cap

To resolve this issue and started the American scientists. Instead of the cumbersome device they decided to use them developed a compact and wireless device. For food not need a battery — devices powered by energy which is generated during walking of the user. Rather, it accumulates a bit, but for a weak electric discharges its certainly enough. While wearing the device is really possible when walking, by placing under a baseball cap, a hat or other headgear.

The best method of curing baldness

The effectiveness of the device was tested on hairless laboratory mice. The first group of animals was subjected to the operation of the wireless device, the second group were covered with stimulating hair growth is Minoxidil, and the third group was the control. Nine days later, scientists discovered that electrical stimulation through the scalp of the mice increased to 2 millimeters, while under the influence of Minoxidil growth of hair was only a millimeter.