Audi presented the SUV without headlights. His way lights flying drones

Right now in the German city of Frankfurt is a major motor show where car manufacturers show the audience the new models of electric cars and hybrid cars. Their fresh ideas, of course, gradually tells the German company Audi, who loves to experiment and has recently invented a hybrid of scooter and skateboard. At the exhibition she decided to talk about a concept SUV called AI:Trail designed for travel on nature. It is completely devoid of lights — instead, the path of car lights ahead of him flying drones with powerful lights.

We have no idea what people are doing coming up with this car, but they are clearly fans of science fiction. The SUV is not similar to any of today’s cars because it has a very futuristic appearance. Its aluminum casing made in the form of capsules swinging in different directions doors. In the interior there is nothing superfluous — only seats, steering wheel and wheel stand for smartphone, which, apparently, you can configure the car.

The interior of the Audi

New SUV Audi

The most interesting feature, of course, is the complete lack of headlights. Instead, the company proposes to use the two flying drones that hover in front of the vehicle and illuminate his path. This is a very effective approach for an SUV which, thanks to its huge, widely spaced 22-inch wheels that can overcome water obstacles to a depth of 1.5 meters. If he was a normal spotlight, the light would often overlap the spray of the water, and thanks to drones, the driver will always see the illuminated path.

The Audi car there is no lights, but there are drones with lights

Looks like the SUV of the future?

Now it’s time to talk numbers. Despite the fact that at the moment the car AI:the Trail exists only in concept form, the company has shared the size of his body. Length futuristic SUV is equal to 4,15 m, width of 2.15 meters, and the height of 1.67 meters. And all this at a weight of 1.75 tons.

Instead of steering Audi AI:equipped with helm Trail

The car is fully electric, with motors mounted on each wheel. A single charge, according to calculations of the creators, should be enough to overcome 500 kilometers of paved road and 250 miles of rugged terrain with water obstacles and piles of stones. The company clearly positions the car as a means of transportation in forests and mountains is evident not only in its design but also on picking.

If the Audi SUV will ever go on sale, buyers will get together with him shimmering like fire in the lantern and even binoculars. Rear seat can be removed to increase Luggage space or use them as a bed while traveling.