Yellow glasses allow you to see better driving at night. True or false?

According to traffic police, in the first two months of 2019 in Russia there were more than 6,000 accidents involving pedestrians, and in most cases the perpetrators were the drivers. Car manufacturers are trying to reduce the number of such accidents with the help of system of detection of pedestrians. Small companies, in turn, offer drivers special glasses with yellow lenses, which allegedly enable people to see more details in the dark. But do these glasses improve vision, or was it just a publicity stunt?

Yellow glasses for driving you can find in almost any store with car accessories and sometimes even at gas stations. Manufacturers claim that in addition to improve eyesight in the dark, these glasses also protect drivers from blinding headlights of oncoming cars. But none of these wonderful properties of the yellow lenses was not scientifically justified, therefore, in 1997, the US advertising “driving” points at all was banned. Despite this, these lenses are still very famous and popular.

Yellow glasses for drivers — benefit or harm?

To check whether yellow glasses improve night vision, decided scientists from Harvard medical school (USA). To do this, they conducted an experiment involving 22 volunteers aged 21 to 80 years. They were divided into three groups, two of which consisted of young men and one older. They were all imprisoned for a driving simulator with a task to press the alarm button immediately when they see a pedestrian.

It seems that the glasses do improve your night vision

They had just passed eight tests with a duration of 10 minutes, which played upon different traffic situations. In some tests, the scientists turned on the headlights of oncoming cars, which prevented the volunteers quickly see emerging in front of them pedestrians in clothes of different colors. Every driver from time to time changed glasses with yellow lenses from different manufacturers on a common, transparent glasses.

Colored glasses can be the cause of the accident

It turned out that yellow glasses do not give any advantages — volunteers reacted to pedestrians at the same speed. However, people aged 50 years were more receptive to the bright lights of oncoming cars, but scientists believe that yellow lenses here at anything. Most likely, this is due to their age-related clouding of the cornea of the eye, called cataract. This disease markedly increases the sensitivity of the people to the light.

Typical is points for driving

Eventually, scientists announced that from yellow glasses for driving are of no use. People have though the feeling that they see everything in brighter colours, but when driving such points can be more harm than good. Because just think — what if in front of the driver in the colored glasses, appears pedestrian in yellow clothes? It is likely that he will notice it too late and fail to push on the brake pedal.

Moreover, researchers believe that drivers in the yellow glasses too can hope for their “superior” vision and vigilance on the road. It turns out that than to rely on glasses, it is better to go without them, but to completely concentrate on the driving process. Of course, it is tiring, but later, the drivers can fully relax — the owners of Tesla cars even can watch the TV series.