Why on Mars not to withdraw the suit?

If ever you find yourself among the brave astronauts who went to colonize the Red planet, You should know one simple rule for survival on Mars: under any circumstances do not remove the suit! Even if you really want! Due to the fact that the conditions of Mars are dramatically different from earth, possible consequences could be irreversible and even lead to your death.

So, a very rarefied atmosphere of Mars contains almost no essential mixture of oxygen and nitrogen, so after a few attempts to make the least breath of air, you could die from suffocation. In addition, in the harsh Martian environment, there is extremely unpleasant for the human phenomenon: all the water that falls on Mars, boils already at 0.5 degrees Celsius. In other words, without a spacesuit on Mars, you risk not only losing oxygen, but also just to “boil”.

First, this destructive process will affect the soft tissues of your body that due to the lack of atmospheric pressure can increase several times. As a consequence, such a surge can cause extensive ruptures of vessels and capillaries.

The atmosphere on Mars

Despite the unpleasant Martian property, which is manifested in the form of water boiling at low pressure on the planet is almost always present very cold weather. Daily average temperature on Mars is -50 degrees, however, the long Martian nights the temperature may be lowered to -120 degrees.

Despite the cold, your body will be able to maintain more-or-less comfortable temperature for some time, as due to the lack of atmosphere rather slow heat will leave the body. In other words, some time you can be sure at least about what instantly on Mars you’ll have time to freeze. Well, you have other problems. Bigger.

Problems with the atmosphere and, in particular, the ozone layer, threatening the brave man who dares still to withdraw the suit, the strongest radiation. Think about the possible consequences of such an event heard by many, and unfortunately, nothing good it is.

In any case, You will have approximately fifteen minutes to somehow to be in an oxygen atmosphere. In this positive scenario, You can get away with relatively minor injuries (for example, temporary blindness, caused by hypoxia). If this is not possible, then after 90 seconds, the pressure in the circulatory system may fall so that the future return you to life is simply impossible.