The Pentagon is developing a “talking” lasers. What is it and why?

It is no secret that the military authorities regularly carry out work on new types of weapons. And sometimes in their designs military experts used very interesting technology. For example, according to the British Daily Mail, scientists of the USA commissioned by the Pentagon is working on a special kind of non-lethal weapons — “speaking” lasers. And they really can “talk”. And you can use this to, for example, transmitting orders to a distance or to disperse the demonstrators.

What is “talking” lasers?

New lasers are being developed in the framework of non-lethal weapons of the us military. And operation of devices based on so-called “laser-induced effect.” Innovative device works by sending a laser beam of short pulses. It is necessary to remove electrons from the surrounding air all the way laser and to create beams of plasma. Further along this “tunnel” starts the second laser, tuned to the desired frequency. The resulting plasma is able to vibiraut to create sound waves.

Experts claim that their laser is able exchanged it and even noise levels of up to 155 decibels, which could replace stun grenades. The laser itself, which is logical, can’t pass through solids, but without any problems penetrates through the glass and reflected from the mirror surfaces. Recently completed another phase of testing new non-lethal weapons. At the moment the range of the laser is limited to 100 meters, but in the perspectives scientists want to increase its range to several kilometers.

Why you need a “talking laser”

As already mentioned, thanks to new technology it is possible to convey orders to soldiers or use them to send warning signs. When this sound is heard only at the end point, not for the duration of the laser beam. But that’s not all. As the noise generated by the laser is quite loud, it can be used as a distraction. Moreover, unlike conventional grenades, the laser can play is repeated with a certain frequency in a series of “claps”.

Having a permanent power source (e.g., BMP), the laser device can be used for mobile crowd control or as a supplementary tool to people are not close to military convoys or patrols. The laser can also be used as a form of non-lethal does not cause physical damage, its effect on the skin, according to the military “quite painful”.