The neural network turned emojis into the real face and it looks awful

Ten years ago many of us didn’t even know what a neural network and artificial intelligence. But today, they to some extent are used in almost every mobile app. What is especially strong artificial intelligence is processing photos — it’s hard to believe, but it is possible to convert the pixel pattern in a photo-realistic picture. I wonder what would happen if the computer has been creating a realistic portrait based on Emoji? Expert on artificial intelligence Jonathan Flay has the answer to this question.

Artificial intelligence Face Super-Resolution is able to transform emojis into monsters

Have you ever watched the TV series about modern security services? The writers and Directors show us the amazing technology, the existence of which believe with great difficulty. For example, investigators can examine videos from surveillance cameras and zoom the image to such an extent that the person caught in the frame of the people is most distinct. At the time of withdrawal serials such technology barely existed, but today it is called as Face Super-Resolution.

How to increase the resolution of photos?

It was created by researchers from the Korean Institute of advanced technology (KAIST). Its essence lies in the transformation of frames with low resolution in a high-quality image with maximum detail. Performs all the work of the generative-adversarial neural network trained on the basis of many different photos. Read more about it you can read in our article about the use of neural networks in film and video games.

It is this system and used Jonathan flay to transform emojis from Twitter in real person. All this, of course, interesting, but I wish he didn’t. Instead of photorealistic smiling people, delicious dishes and funny little animals artificial intelligence created these monsters, which may well be used in terrible cartoons and video games. Just look at Emoji with pizza instead of tomatoes, the computer put in the picture some semblance of screaming mouths. This horror is what can be seen in delusional dreams at high temperature.

The result of the neural network Face Super-Resolution

Most likely, these scary pictures arose from the inability of artificial intelligence to recognize the background and further details on Emoji. Besides, Jonathan flay used the Emoji with food and animals, but the technology of Face Super-Resolution is designed only to handle human entities. Therefore, in the appearance of pizza the many human mouths there is nothing strange and artificial intelligence is not to blame. He was just doing his job.

What you can do with artificial intelligence?

An expert on artificial intelligence tried to apply the system to Emoji from the streaming service Twitch. They have greater detail, so the results were not all that scary. Yes, they are very distorted and sometimes difficult to understand what is depicted in the pictures, but everything looks smooth and pretty realistic.

Edit emojis you can own, but you need to have programming skills. The original neural network code posted on GitHub , it should be edited for a different image.

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