The most unusual in the world of wrist watches

There are many, what is called, status clothes and accessories. Typically, in the manufacture of such products use expensive metals, inlaid with diamonds or rare gemstones, appearance develop eminent designers and so on. But there are among such things and very interesting specimens, which, at least, would be interested to know. Like you, for example, watches made from the wreckage of the “Titanic”? This very watch (and lots of other not less interesting) releases the Swiss company Romain Jerome.

Romain Jerome. The history of the company

Despite the fact that Switzerland has a long history associated with watchmaking, Romain Jerome, the company is very young. It was founded in Geneva in 2004. But the people who stood at the helm, was very famous. One of the founders was Ivan ARPA (better known in the world of watchmakers as Artya). Master it, well, not quite standard.

In hours, which he developed early in his career, used the most unexpected materials: real bullets, feces of dinosaurs, torn Euro bills, the blood of Ivan ARPA and so on. It is not surprising that such an unusual way of thinking allowed them to approach the production hours for the new company, with a fair amount of creativity. This time without the blood and torn bills, but with the use of other unique materials.

What is produced Romain Jerome

Immediately after the Foundation in 2004 was presented the first unique design watch Hole in One Golf Counter. As the name suggests, they were designed for those who play Golf. In those days about “smart” hours, no one speech is not conducted, but the Hole in One Golf Counter had almost all their functions (but focused on golfers, of course). Hours could determine the numbers of holes the number of strokes a player and other factors of the game. But the interesting thing started after 3 years in 2007.

At BaselWorld 2007, Romain Jerome presented a watch, equipped with a mechanism of Titanic DNA. A distinctive feature of these watches is that they are made of used raised from the ocean floor the wreckage of the sunken liner “Titanic”. For the manufacture of shells first (and only) party hours used a 1300-gram piece of the hull, and the pieces of coal found in the engine room of the ship, created a paint for the decoration of dials.

The company has not stopped and soon introduced the world to his next creation, Romain Jerome Moon Dust DNA. This range of hours was devoted to the 40 anniversary of the first landing on the moon. It is easy to guess that the materials were appropriate. Masters of the company used part of the space suits of astronauts and fragments of the hull of the ship “Apollo-11”. The first went into the making of straps, and the second became the basis for watch cases. But the main feature of steel placed under glass the dust is a real lunar dust.

Another interesting model was the Eyjafjallajokull-DNA. This line of watches is named after the famous Icelandic volcano. The watch dial is embellished by volcanic rock (taken, naturally, in the heart of the volcano). Well, the arrow in its shape reminiscent of the aircraft that refers to the cancellation of flights associated with the activity of the volcano.

Watch Romain Jerome. Buy

Unfortunately, to acquire such unique watches can not everyone. The price of, for example, the version made from the wreckage of the Titanic is about 100 thousand dollars. There are more “budget” version, which will cost you “only” 10-20 thousand euros. Not to say that cheap, but at least learn about the existence of a unique watch faces to understand how limitless human imagination. And that even from the most unusual materials you can create almost works of art.