The Indian boy was found 526 extra teeth. What is this disease?

Do you have friends working in the hospital? Sure, they know a lot of interesting stories from medical practices that can surprise and even scare you. Dentists from the Indian city of Chennai, for example, there really is something to tell your friends, family, and the world, because in July 2019, they learned from jaws 7-year-old boy the tumor, consisting of 526 of tiny teeth. It may seem impossible, but his mouth some people really can grow hundreds of teeth, and the disease even has an official name.

This disease is called odontomas and is a benign tumor of the jaw consisting of proliferating dental tissues. Usually find this tumor in children aged 6 to 11 years — at this time they begin to cut molars. The disease often develops without any symptoms, so its presence is know or when the tumor reaches a large size (sometimes to size of chicken eggs) or during the inspection of the x-ray. Odontoma may develop if it was previously discovered from some of the relatives, or after the jaw injury.

The tumor in the mouth

The parents of a boy named Ravindran took him to the hospital on July 11 after he noticed increased swelling on his right cheek. During the computer tomography, which allows to consider the condition of internal organs, the doctors noticed on the right jaw of a boy “gift bag” filled with hundreds of teeth. They immediately offered to parents free surgery to remove it — the mother and father agreed immediately, but the boy had a lot of cajoling.

Ravindran, his parents and doctor

Little patient can not feel pain, the doctor injected him with painkillers. Apparently, it took quite a lot of because the process took an hour and a half. Over the next five hours, surgeons removed from the jaws 200-gram tumor and counted it 526 the teeth size from 0.1 to 15 millimeters. Almost every one of them had its own root and was covered by enamel.

Why is there a tumor?

Fortunately, when removing tumors of the jaw of the boy was not damaged. However, due to illness he has not grown two molar teeth, so as an adult, he will have to insert the implants. At the moment the boy has 21 teeth for his age it is quite a normal number. Why he developed such a disease, is still unknown — the doctors say that the predisposition to such a tumor could be transferred to it from parents, or blame harmful to humans environment. Doctors are inclined to believe that changes in the body of the boy could arise due to the harmful radiation of cell towers. To be honest, the version of heredity sounds much more plausible.

X-ray with odontomas (bottom right)

This is not the only case when dentists found in humans, great odontoma. In 2014 in the Indian city of Mumbai 17-year-old boy had a tumor removed, inside of which was 232 teeth. Doctors once removed a tumor weighing 300 grams, but how many teeth it contained is not known.

Workers in the medical field do a lot of interesting stories. That only is the case that happened in one of the Australian hospitals — during surgery in the chest of one of the patients was on fire. Most interesting is that this is also not the only case of occurrence of fire in the chest of the patient.