Sharks are smarter than we think

Usually the most intelligent animals in nature, I believe such animals to which a person manifests at least some empathy. So, for most intelligent beings usually take the dolphins, primates and owls. Sharks usually do not fit under the concept of intellectuals because of their aggressiveness and fear, which is in front of them people. Despite this, scientists over and over again to get all the new evidence that the intelligence of the sharks we clearly underestimated.

The laws of physics for the sharks

It may sound paradoxical, but according to a recent study, sharks are familiar with basic physical laws. This is most clearly seen during primary occupation of shark — hunting. For example, white sharks will not deliberately to hunt bigger prey. In order to catch the animal, superior to the shark in size, this fish, first, teaming up with their relatives (though it is considered a single predator), and secondly, already uniting the sharks try to drag its prey as deep as possible on the bottom to not give her the slightest chance for survival and escape.

The position of sharks in society

In order to properly divide the caught prey between the participants of the hunt, sharks have invented a system of social statuses. Depending on a kind of “caste”, which is defined by specific movement fins, tail, or individuals in General, the participants of the hunt divide the victim, trying not to resort to any violence. Such behavior is not typical for other marine predators, which once again confirms the intelligence of sharks. Members of our Telegram chat agree.

Game shark

A large number of underwater expeditions to study marine life shows that in spite of its fearsome appearance, the sharks are not alien to the desire to have fun.most of these “games” can result for a person is very poor, the researchers observed that a well-fed shark reason, from time to time thrown in the air items and even previously killed animals. To explain this behavior other than the game is just not possible.