Russian satellites will receive the self-destruction function. Space debris will be less?

For all time of its existence, mankind has turned the planet Earth into a giant garbage dump. The scale of pollution is so huge that at the moment, the garbage can be found not only on land and water depths, but also in earth orbit. Just think — over a century of existence of space, people were sent into space hundreds of thousands of different satellites, most of which are still flying around our planet. If we don’t clean this space, after 100-200 years, the astronauts simply won’t be able to fly into space, because around the Earth formed a dense layer of fragments of old satellites.

How much of the wreckage debris flies over the planet, is unknown, because the space organizations provide different information. According to NASA, at this point over our planet fly more than 19 thousand artificial objects. The Russian defense Ministry, in turn, reported about 16 thousand spacecraft. The terrible figure called “Roscosmos” — according to the calculations of the Corporation, in earth orbit is now from 600 to 700 thousand objects with a diameter greater than one centimeter.

How to get rid of space debris?

Scientists from around the world offer different methods of getting rid of space debris. In 2018, scientists from China have proposed to find large pieces of old spacecraft and divide them into small parts by using laser shots. Small fragments and can subsequently direct towards the Earth, that they entered the atmosphere and burned in her. This is a very interesting method, but it hasalign=”center”>

For catching space debris you can also use network

As example, a British device called the RemoveDEBRIS. He is able to shoot the debris from old satellites with a spear and capture them for later destruction in the atmosphere. It is also very interesting and effective technology in the early years using a harpoon was captured by a part of a small space satellite. The accuracy of the shot is impressive, and I highly recommend you watch the video.

How to destroy a satellite?

The state Corporation “Roscosmos” too, is a very interesting idea to rid low-earth orbit from space debris. In 2017, she filed a patent for the creation of the satellite, which after the expiry of the service life can be destroyed independently. What a great and economical idea — space companies don’t have to send into orbit the spacecraft for garbage collection. The remains will disappear by themselves.

But how is this possible? The Russian scientists propose to build satellites out of materials that evaporate quickly when exposed to heat. It is believed that if the design of the devices to add the heating element, they can be remotely activated to dissolve the outer shell. There is only the question — whether he will dissolve the heating element? For him the answer is no.

Also, the Corporation proposes to use materials which decompose in the open space. In this case, the apparatus would be initially covered with a protective film, which after the completion of the mission, an unknown will be deleted. Deprived of this layer, the apparatus again will be expected to decompose.

How dangerous is space debris?

About the danger of space debris perfectly says the film “gravity” in 2013. The heroes of this film are the only surviving astronaut after a collision of their ship with space debris. Here you have the danger of space debris — objects at high speed crashing into the machines and breaking them.