New development will change the future of cinema! And it’s not VR

Since then, the Lumiere brothers showed the world his famous “arrival of a train at the station of La Ciotat” in 1886, the film industry has changed beyond recognition. First learned to shoot with the scenery, then there were simple effects. With the advent of computer technology, the filmmakers learned to shoot on a green background that was replaced by any other. This allowed us to place the scene in any place of the Earth or the Galaxies, but even in non-existent worlds. The interesting thing is that over 100 years ago, people believed in the train, and we are now looking for flaws in the graphics and yawn, when a huge skyscraper is falling in our direction. It’s time for new technology. Maybe they will change something?

How to make a movie

For anybody not a secret that filming a movie in our days you need several components. First, the most important is the cast and crew. Its size is not so important and may be even two or three people. In fact, one holds the camera, the second is in the frame. Another important component is the script. Shooting without a script is more of a blog than an art work.

Not do in this case without a minimum budget. Copyright movie can be rented for just pennies, but some investments will still be required. The last stage will be the installation. To shoot a movie in one frame and without treatment will not work even in the greatest masters. If he does, the main idea of the film is not the plot, but what this survey is, in principle, possible. To complete the process of making the film need promotion and attracting spectators.

Of course, there’s the makeup, organization of filming, the elaboration of the script and more. Actually shooting a movie is a complex business, but the above are the stages, without which it can not do even the most Amateur movies, if it is artsy. But if the picture must be spectacular, we need another important component is the special effects.

How to make special effects for a movie

Effects are an integral part of any great movie. They are needed not only in the scenes where there are explosions historical attractions, plane crash, or where Spider-Man flies over new York. Even in ordinary scenes where people just walk around the city, often used the so-called “green” or chromakey.

According to the definition, the chroma key is the technology of combining two or more images or frames in one composition. It allows you to superimpose a person or other objects on the background, which will then be processed and replaced by any other.

In addition to scenes set in outer space or in conventional volcano green screen is widely used for shooting urban scenes. For example, while shooting a football match makes no sense to lead on the stands of 80,000 people in the merchandise and pay for it all. It is sufficient in the first row and on the edge of the field to put some real extras, and the rest to finish on a green background.

Examples of usage of chroma key:

Why the film was shot on a green background

As a rule, during the shooting of the widely used green background, but it is not constant, and it sometimes change to other options. The second most popular is blue. Less common red background.

The choice of colors is due to the minimal presence in the shades of human skin green and blue colors. Due to this, changing the background color is more simple and, therefore, quality. In any case, the installation will not be enough just to press the button and replace the background, as is done when creating videos on YouTube (although here, too, we have to work with light and settings). You will need to spend a large amount of work to look natural.

The most difficult job is to create the right perspective. Suppose, on the background of the mural stands a man. When changing the viewpoint will be seen that it is shifted relative to the background, but the prospect of the background has not changed. All this should be considered when assembling complex scenes to make the audience believe in what is happening and such an easy deception.

How to make a movie in the future

We live in a time when every area of our lives in the best traditions of ontogenesis is constantly undergoing a certain metamorphosis. With rare exceptions, that each defines for himself, this leads to an improvement of the world around us.

So it is with cinema. To make a movie in the extreme environment or a non-existent world we can’t. Even to leave the entire crew with equipment in remote corners of the planet seems rather dubious decision. However, if you shoot in a Studio on green screen, the creators will not see the finished painting until the end of the installation phase, and information pictures. But sometimes it is necessary to evaluate the actor, not on the soulless green background and the actual conditions written in the script. Here come to the aid of new technology.

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Recently, Epic Games and the Unreal Engine presented their project, which can be considered a new stage in the development of cinema in the broadest sense of the word.

The gist of it is that instead of the green background behind the actor put the LED panel. They provide recruitment background in real time. It turns out that already on the set the whole group can take in the plot, and the Director can say your final “I Believe”, watching the scene almost as it will appear to the viewer. Without treatment, in reality.

In addition to demonstrations of static or dynamic images from on-set system allows to change the landscape again. In the demo shows how you can change the shape of the stones in the desert or Supplement the General structure of the background.

For such changes of uses of virtual reality system that allows a technician to view changes in real time, immersed in the created background. While inside, he can move objects and analyze how they will look from different angles.

In addition, to add or adjust objects you can use a special tablet with software that calculates 3D objects of different complexity.

As mentioned above, the image in the background adjust to show the correct perspective. The demonstrated system provides such an option. Background immediately changes its position on the screen, adjusting to the position of the camera relative to the subject.

The realism of the shooting can be estimated at the beginning of the video, which demonstrates new technology in film.

This is all very interesting, and gives the creators of future masterpieces new tools for self-realization. The main thing that the cinema has not become a soulless demonstration of new technologies, and specifically art. This trend emerged in recent years, but many authors try to resist it by continuing to stick to their creative line. For example, in the movie interstellar, despite the fantastic nature of the plot, almost never used in computer graphics. All objects were filmed in the real scenery and on the background of models of ships.

Do you think will take the film to the point that filmmakers no longer get out of the Studio and we’re going to believe that movie actually filmed in times Square, in the Sahara or at the North pole? Let’s discuss it in the comments or in our special Telegram chat.