“Kalashnikov” introduced a new electric car. Is this the future of the Russian taxi?

In 2018, on the eve of the world Cup in Russia, concern “Kalashnikov” presented in Moscow police three-wheeled cars called IZH ovum. They, along with electric motorcycleswere used by police to patrol the streets until the completion of the championship in mid-July. It turned out that the project is not abandoned and the engineers worked on improving the service cars. Ultimately, the group turned electric car IZH UV-4. He is better than his predecessor and in what order will you use?

The first is to talk about three-wheeled cars ovum that were used last year. Since they were intended for the guards, their body has been painted in white and blue, just like police cars. The two steering wheels located in the front, and the third was in the back. Because on these cars was planned only to patrol the streets, they were equipped with a weak engine producing 20 horsepower and could accelerate up to 30 miles per hour. One battery charge is enough to overcome 150 km.

Electric taxis from “Kalashnikov”

The new version of electric car was presented at the seventh International Eurasian forum taxi (LEFT). Externally, the new IZH UV-4 different from its predecessors only three features. First, cars have four wheels. Second, they have a more robust body with a length of 3.4 and a width of 1.5 meters. Third, instead of white-and-blue “police” colors, the creators have painted the car in black and yellow — apparently to create an Association with cars taxi service.

Electric car IZH ovum

Cars are not much different in appearance, but in terms of the characteristics of the new UV IZH-4 was noticeably better. Electric motor power has increased from a paltry 20 to a decent 68 horsepower. Thanks to this improvement, the car can accelerate to 80 kilometers per hour. How to increase the battery capacity representatives of the group are not reported, but the duration of the drive on a single charge is still 150 kilometers. Most likely, the additional charge is used to power air conditioning and other electronics.

Among other improvements, it is necessary to allocate a new braking system and a drivetrain which transmits the rotation of the engine to the wheels. The most important feature of the new UV Il-4 is considered a low fire risk in accidents.

The taxi of tomorrow coming soon?

According to representatives of the concern “Kalashnikov”, the new car will be interested in large companies. Inside a small and safe electric vehicles their employees can move from one building to another. Also it could be that the car will be part of some car-share, that is to be leased.

“Kalashnikov” is also engaged in the creation of rival Tesla

On normal roads the car IZH UV-4 is unlikely to emerge. In this you can be sure at least because of its capacity may not be enough to navigate through busy streets of big cities. However, the concern “Kalashnikov” to drive around the cities is developing another car that is positioned as a competitor to Tesla Model 3 and other American electric cars.