Is there life on Titan?

The satellite of Saturn a long time dominates the minds of the fans of space. In 1950 the genius of prose and science fiction, Kurt Vonnegut’s novel “Sirens of Titan” pondering about life on a moon of a gas giant. However, Vonnegut Titan was inhabited by the incredible beauty of blue birds, which, given modern knowledge about the body, it is hardly possible. However, among scientists there are serious reasons to believe that life on Titan is still there.

In the 1970-ies an eminent astronomer and popularizer of science Carl Sagan and chemist Bison hare published articles describing organic chemical processesthat can take place on the moon of Saturn. In those years science was not yet known that on Titan there are a whole sea.

However, this did not prevent scientists to demonstrate that amino acids can be produced using the items discovered in the haze of the atmosphere of Titan.

The Atmosphere Of Titan?

The photographs of the Hubble telescope in the 1990s, scientists assumed the presence of liquid water on Titan. However, all became clear as day after pictures taken by the NASA Cassini mission.

In 2004, the spacecraft began to peer under the cloud cover of Titan. And in 2005, Cassini was sent to Saturn, the probe Huygens, directly to the equator of Titan. The data sent back to Earth showed that this distant world remarkably similar to our home planet.

However, the impression is somewhat deceptive. Seasonal rains are left on the surface of the satellite spots, which are visible from orbit. This is the lake. It turns out that Saturn’s moon is the only place in the Solar system besides Earth, on whose surface has liquid water. And even the rivers and streams flowing into the sea and lakes surrounded by shorelines and Islands.

Needless to say that the presence of water in liquid form — a strong argument in favor of the existence of life. Recall that liquid water can also exist in ice caps on Mars.

Titan — Moon Of Saturn

But if Titan has life, what is it? Whether it is similar to what we know? According to the astrobiologists, life on the moon of Saturn can be really strange. Some scientists do not deny that this life, if we find it, instead of water-based might prefer hydrocarbons. Members of our Telegram chat of the same opinion.

We do not know whether liquid water is the only necessary criterion for the emergence of life, until we get there and find out it. So, in 2030, NASA plans to send to Titan the real helicopter. Spacecraft was named after a Dragonflyor a Dragonfly. The main task of Dragonflies will be to find life on Saturn’s moon.

However, while in the yard reigns 2019, we can only guess if there’s anyone on the second largest satellite in the Solar system.