In New Zealand, found the remains of a penguin the size of a man

In the article about the biggest bird in history we have said that all existing animals are the smaller copies of their ancestors. It really is — millions of years ago our planet was inhabited by a truly giant sloths, sharks and other creatures. Numerous archaeological finds prove that the penguins were no exception and some of the oldest species of this bird was with an adult and weigh at least 50 pounds. The remains of one of these species was recently found in New Zealand. I think it is unlikely you would meet a giant penguin face to face.

The remains were found in 2018 by the river near the new Zealand city Waipara. In particular, the paleontologist who named Lee Lav managed to dig up the bones of the legs and something like a penguin’s fin. The researchers compared the remains with the bones of other species of penguins and suggested that representatives of the new for science species of penguins have a height of about 160 centimeters, weighed about 80 pounds and could barely stand on two legs, but it was excellent swimmers. The got the Crossvallia waiparensis in honor of the river where the bones were found.

The largest penguin in history

Ancient penguins lived about 66-56 million years ago, were much larger than surviving to our times descendants. For comparison, the average height of an Emperor penguin is about 123 cm and weight from 22 to 45 kg. However, recently discovered species was the largest in history. The fact that earlier near the city of Waipara were found the remains and other ancient penguins.

Comparing human and penguin Crossvallia waiparensis

The biggest penguin in the world is Kumimanu biceae. The name of this species comes from the words “Kumi” and “manu” that from the language of the Maori people of new Zealand translates as “big mythological monster” and “bird”. After studying the preserved remains of the humerus and several ribs and comparing them with the skeleton of modern penguins, scientists have suggested that the growth of the ancient penguin was 177 cm, and weight was 101 kg. In General, he was with an adult.

Comparing human and penguin Kumimanu biceae

Why before the animals were large?

To this question scientists still can’t give a precise answer. It is believed that animals could grow to giant size because in ancient times the Earth was much more pure oxygen. This conclusion was made during the observation of insects. It was found that in the regions with rich oxygen, insects such as dragonflies, grow to very large sizes.

The bones of ancient penguins

Besides, at one time the Earth was much more food for the animals. If herbivores are active plant-based diet, and predators hunted other plump creatures. Due to climate changes and the appearance of the quantity of food has dropped dramatically, so the animals could not support their huge body with enough energy. In the course of evolution they became smaller.

Millions of years ago giant was even parrots