In Moscow there was an explosion of Tesla

Did you know that Tesla cars are not sold only in the United States? You can buy them even in Russia, so rich people are happy to use this opportunity. In the beginning of 2018 in our country, there were more than 250 electric vehicles from Elon musk and, of course, their number is constantly growing. Some buyers are very attracted to automatic control when the vehicle independently monitors the road, turns the wheel and presses the brake and gas. Unfortunately, excessive trust in the autopilot system may be the cause of serious accidents. One of them recently happened in Moscow.

Tesla, an accurate model which is not mentioned anywhere, at high speed, drove onto the platform standing in the way of a tow truck fell and exploded. According to the press service of the Moscow Department of the traffic police, the incident occurred on the evening of August 10 to 40-kilometre of MKAD. Eyewitnesses filmed the moment of the explosion in the video where the outline of the burning car, we can assume that the exploding car was the electric car Tesla Model S.

Consequences and causes of accidents involving Tesla

Driving the car was sitting the head of investment company “Arikapital” Alexey Tretyakov. In the course of the collision and the explosion, he suffered a broken leg and bruised chest — at the moment he is in intensive care. Together with it in salon there were two children who received a closed craniocerebral trauma, bruises and wounds. There is a message that all three victims are alive, but are in serious condition.

It is assumed that the cause of the accident was the fault of the autopilot, which did not recognize standing in front of the tow truck. This is not the first case when the autopilot Tesla didn’t recognize the truck. One of the similar accidents have occurred in Florida, about 110 kilometers from the city of Miami. Car Tesla Model 3 with the autopilot engaged at high speed drove under the truck. The car tore off the roof, which killed 50-year-old driver named Jeremy Beren Banner.

The explosion of Tesla in Russia

Why the explosion occurred on the ring road, while also unknown. Previously Tesla cars also exploded. The most famous case occurred on April 21 in Shanghai, when the explosion of a parked electric cars were damaged and the standing nearby cars. The ensuing fire damaged the onboard computer, so the exact cause of the explosion is difficult to determine. Most likely, in the Parking lot there is a short circuit of the battery.

Frequent accidents through the fault of the autopilot is very alarming, because in 2020 the company Tesla wants to launch a taxi service without the drivers. To get to the right place, people will have just to call self-driving car and sit in it. Of course, before the launch of the service company will thoroughly check the performance of the system, but if you have even a single accident the reputation of the service will be badly tarnished.

How many cars Tesla in Russia?

As mentioned above, in early 2018 the number of Tesla owners in Russia has exceeded 250 people. Now they must be twice as more because of the company “the Messenger” and “Euroset” that solicit applications for the purchase of electric vehicles, in the same year scored more than 230 applications. The cost of the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X starts from 10 million rubles.