In China installing cameras with facial recognition system in the trash cans. Why?

Today with the advancement of technology more and more cities are equipped with cameras with facial recognition system. On the one hand it ensures the safety of people. On the other hand with all the positive aspects, it is to some extent an invasion of privacy. And while in Western countries, ignite new discussions about this, the Chinese authorities continue everywhere to install cameras with facial recognition. And most recently, they were equipped with such cameras trash cans.

Why to install cameras in the trash cans

I’d like to note that this practice is not universally implemented, but only in a couple of areas of Beijing. The city authorities claim that such a program is started in test mode and face detection technology are needed in order to control only the beginnings of a program for sorting garbage. Beijing trash cans with the technology facial scan has been installed in 13 homes, which the government rents to citizens in the rent. And by the end of October the new system is expected to cover 59 areas of the city.

The question is how to ensure effective management of the homes funded by the government to maintain cleanliness and order. This is a big problem for the city administration. Moreover, we establish the facial recognition system also automated entrance gate. And it was very warmly welcomed by the tenants of houses included in the test program. — state contractors from the company Uniview.

What works camera with face recognition

But back to the garbage cans. According to the authors of the project, “smart” tanks, equipped with cameras, intended to remind people to sort their waste accordingly. And disposed of separately paper, plastic, aluminum cans and so on. Of course, if it was limited to scanning, the system could hardly count on success. It is assumed that due to the system of recognition of persons will be possible to identify those who violate the rules of waste sorting and to impose on them certain penalties. Cash, or perhaps reducing the credit rating. At the same time for good behavior provided incentives like free bus tickets or coupons for purchases.

This approach is not shared by all: one sort, of course, will allow you to enter a certain order. On the other such actions bring more total control over the population. Moreover, now China is developing a program called “Name and Shame” aimed at combating antisocial behaviour and recognition of actions and violators of public order and the manufacturing giants of China vengeance introduces facial recognition in retail stores, business centers and other public institutions.