How to clear the ground of debris? Iron man knows!

Can a actor play a superhero role and actually them to be? Unlikely. But if that actor Robert Downey Jr., then it’s not so simple. Iron man, who so convincingly played by Downey Jr., many times saved the planet at the cinemas. It is also noteworthy that in everyday life iron man named Tony stark. He’s rich and, of course, smart. So who invented the flyingiron suit. Robert Downey Jr. no suits were not invented, but recently the actor said that he had devised a way through which you will clean the Earth from garbage.

Why garbage is a global problem?

Scientists are concerned about pollution of the environment a variety of waste. So much so that the phrase “humanity is drowning in garbage,” no one seems to be an exaggeration. And it’s true: in Russia alone, the amount of waste increases by as much as 4 million tons each year.

Approximately 90 percent of mined resources in our country eventually turns into rubbish. In other words, industrial production pollutes the environment a huge amount of debris, which is then sent to the dumps and landfills. And if a small number of countries to cope with the garbage problem, for example Sweden, in countries such as Russia, China and India, this problem is really acute.

People-chimeras: the era of “post-nature” is a strange and beautiful

If the garbage problem on Earth is solved, human civilization won’t last 100 years. It turns out that our grandchildren will see the destruction of civilization from the garbage with my own eyes. This gloomy prospect of the future of humanity can be discussed in our Telegram chat.

Robert Downey Jr. is going to solve the garbage problem?

Since the environmental situation on the planet becomes critical, Downey Jr. announced a plan to clean the Earth of garbage for 10 years. The project is called the Footprint Coalition. Its main idea is to use high technology just like in a science fiction movie. Hollywood actor and producer presented the project during a scientific conference Amazon re: Mars.

During the presentation, Downey Jr. spoke about the importance of artificial intelligence, the aims and objectives of the project, but also shared details of his career. The actor also said he was well aware the state of the environment: “I’m a nightmare the carbon footprint left by man,” stated Robert at a press conference.

According to the actor to completely get rid of the debris we can’t, but thoroughly clean up the planet we will. Downey Jr. is going to donate about 81 million dollars. The final decision on the necessity of such a program, the actor came after numerous conversations with experts.

Clean the planet from rubbish will be engaged in high technologies. However, no details of what it will be for the technology. Most likely, the project will be involved in artificial intelligence, robotics and nanotechnology. But how they will interact is not clear. I hope it understands itself Downey Jr., otherwise it will remain just a beautiful picture and another PR move.

The official program launch scheduled for April 2020. Before starting the actor intends to thoroughly prepare for it, what he will need to help scientists and numerous specialists. Still, in case of success, Robert Downey Jr. promised to throw a party. Well, we will wait.