Elon Musk told how much it costs to build a city on Mars

We have repeatedly heard the news about what is on Mars after the colonization would be to build not just small settlements and entire cities. Of course, the “right now” to do it, no one will, because you need several stages of preparatory work. However, the approximate cost of the construction of the Martian cities are already known. And recently, one of the main ideologists of colonization of the red planet, Elon Musk, told, how much will it cost to build a city on Mars.

When to build a city on Mars

The vision of the General Director of SpaceX includes not only sending the first humans to Mars in the next decade, but the use this mission as a starting point for creating a settlement. Assuming that everything goes according to plan, Musk believes that a fully functional self-sustaining city can be established in 2050. It is worth noting that earlier Mr. Musk suggested that SpaceX can offer a ticket to Mars in about a amount of 200 000 USD. And this figure is taken “from the ceiling”. Is the cost of the average American home and, guided by this logic, you can sell your house and move. Just not to another state but to another planet.

How much will cost the construction of a Martian city

According to Elon musk, it may be the most expensive construction project in the history of mankind. And its price can reach up to one-eighth of the volume of the entire global economy. If you want to know the exact number, then Musk has named his Twitter and it from 100 billion to 10 trillion U.S. dollars.

The calculations are based on the assumption that the city will need at least a million tonnes of cargo from Earth to function the first time. The cost of creating a Martian city will depend on how much it costs to send each ton on Mars. If it is 100 000 dollars per tonne, explained Elon Musk, then it will set a price of around $ 100 billion.

Looks much more interesting upper border of the announced amount. Over $ 10 trillion, for example, you can buy almost all public and private assets in the UK. At the moment the cost is estimated at 11.8 trillion dollars. Or for the money you can buy the 10 most expensive companies in the world and you will have more in stock, about $ 3.5 trillion.

This amount sounds even more incredible if you take into account the fact that it is about 2 times higher than the total amount of all, so to speak, “physical” money in the world today. Impressed? Even more interesah materials you can find in our news channel in the Telegram.

How Elon Musk is going to build a city on Mars

According to the plan announced in 2017, the first batch of colonists will be 100 people and it will be sent two missiles at a time when the orbits of Earth and Mars will be very close to each other. These people will be instructed to create a fuel depot to refuel the vehicle with liquid oxygen and methane, to return home. Over the next 10 “orbital sync” when Earth and Mars are closest, it is possible to deliver to the red planet dostaochno resources in order to create a city around 2050. For this first flight should be implemented as early as 2024.