Doctors offer to treat Alzheimer’s disease by laser

Unfortunately, despite fairly strong progress in the development of medicine and treatment, still of the disease, to cope with which humanity is not. However, this does not mean that we should not look for drugs. And not long ago a group of doctors from Japan in the study of Alzheimer’s disease for the treatment of this disease suggested the use of a laser that will actually “burn” boleznyu damaged areas in the brain.

Why develop Alzheimer’s disease

According to modern concepts, one of the reasons of the disease development process can be deposits of a protein called “amyloid” (or rather, his subspecies “beta-amyloid”) in the brain. Proteins can “stick together” in groups, forming the so-called amyloid plaques. The result is a violation of the work and functioning of cells, degeneration of cells of the Central nervous system and, as a consequence, inhibition of cognitive functions (i.e. memory, thinking and so on).

However, artificially generated amyloid proteins are widely used what is called “outside the body”. For example, as a scaffold for growing cells or tissues. Often after growing the frame becomes necessary. This means that it must somehow be destroyed, without damaging the formed tissue. And such technology, scientists have. Therefore, the Japanese seemed logical to adapt these technologies to the treatment of disease.

How to cure Alzheimer’s disease

A group of researchers from Tokyo University and Osaka University suggested the use of a free electron laser operating in the far infrared range. If you do not go into the details, we can say that this laser powerful enough to destroy a protein, but its power is not enough to “burn out the brain.”

The free electron laser can be used in order to destroy the ties between the structures of the proteins amyloid — says one of the authors Professor Koichi Tsukiyama. We wanted to show that such lasers can be applied not only in the laboratory but also in order to help people.

At the core of the process lies not so innovative method. In order to destroy a protein, it is necessary to cause damage to its structure. The easiest example is frying eggs in a skillet. In fact the warming we are destroying the structure of the egg protein, causing it to curl. Something similar scientists want to use in this case. The only problem is that you need to save brain tissue. So the heat, as you know, will not work. Here is a came the laser.

During a series of experiments (so far only in laboratory cell culture) found out that the laser destroys the structure and hydrogen bonding in clusters of peptide DFKNF. This peptide is responsible for, so to speak, “preservation of General form” of a protein as something like his “skeleton”. Moreover, the laser is able to cleave the peptide DFKNF into separate parts, which excludes its recovery in the future. Well, the most interesting: “open skull” for such a procedure is not necessary. The laser can penetrate deeply into tissue almost without surgical intervention. Of course, until the invention of new methods of treatment too early, but scientists from the country of the rising Sun are very optimistic and want to continue their research.