As an ancient fish will help people to restore lost limbs

Has long been known that the planet, there are organisms with incredible regenerative capabilities, thanks to which they can regenerate even after very serious damage. Unfortunately, we are deprived of this bonus. But scientists are still trying to give such qualities and man. And it is possible that will help in this ancient form of pike, which has survived almost unchanged.

What fish will restore limbs?

According to the publication scientists from Michigan state University argue that the regeneration of armored pikes can open the path and to the human regeneration. The fish can grow a whole fins. More importantly, the researchers focused on how they restore endochondral bones in their fins, and these parts are essentially the equivalent to human hands and feet.

Armoured pike are considered a kind of “fish-dinosaurs” because of their extreme similarity with their ancient ancestors. — says the author Ingo Breach. They evolyutsioniruet slowly and because of this has retained more genetic elements in their genome than other fish. This means that to detect the genes responsible for regeneration, will be much easier.

But researchers believe that genesresponsible for mechanisms of restoration of fish, are present in humans. You just need to find the genetic mechanisms that can activate these dormant genes. It should also be noted that earlier it has been repeatedly speculated that the regenerative abilities of our distant ancestors was much higher than today. So is that scientists say makes perfect sense.

Why fish?

A team of biologists from Michigan state University says that from an evolutionary point of view armoured pike izvestnomu closer to the last common ancestor of fish and mammals than other animals. That is, over millions of years the ability to restore the limb was preserved in a working state at the armored pikes and other aquatic animals. Among the inhabitants of the land most famous example — salamanders. While in the course of evolution terrestrial mammals the ability to regenerate, they gradually became weaker.

New studies of key genes responsible for samovosstanovlenii eventually, according to scientists, should lead to discoveries in the field of regenerative medicine and growing lost organs and tissues.

The more we study common features among mammals and fish, the more we realize that ancient fish and humans from a genetic point of view much in common. — summed up Mr. Breach.