Artificial intelligence is earned in a London bar

How would the Ministry of health had warned, we still occasionally go to bars. Agree, it is very sad and frustrating when you are waiting for your order, and the one who was already sipping a glass of his drink. Below such situations were not, in London there was the first smart bar. Explain how it works and what can.

Why scan the faces in the bars

The British company DataSparQ has developed a technology that helps employees of public institutions forming a virtual queue without the use of coupons, which we used in electronic line Bank or the IFC.

The essence is to scan the faces of people who went into a bar and lining them up in order of arrival. To do this in the hall hang a special camera, and next to the bar screen with an electronic list of customers. So visitors will be able to keep track of when their turn comes, and will be around to see how much they still have to wait. The staff receives this information on tablets, with whom he works, and knows in what sequence to serve guests.

“The uncertainty of the wait time along with goes in turn negatively affects the behavior of visitors in bars. A. I. Bar will provide a system of “first come, first served” basis. It will make life easier and visitors, and employees of the institution,” — said the representative of the DataSparQ John Wiley.

The technology is already used in one of the bars of London, and the staff praised its effectiveness. Due to the application of the described technology, customers no longer complain that they have not received timely service. Therefore, unwittingly increase their level of satisfaction from visiting institutions.

The camera recognizes the age of the bar

We all know that in practice, the verification of the documents in the sale of alcohol is carried out only in cases when the seller, waiter or bartender are unsure of the actual age of the client. Their task is to not sell alcohol to persons under a certain age. In General, they cope with it, but sometimes there are mistakes.

In the smart bar provides the ability to scan the faces of visitors, with subsequent processing them using algorithms of artificial intelligence. If the system determines that a guest has not reached the appropriate age, the waiter will receive a notification about the necessity of verification of documents.

The system stores data for 24 hours. After this time they will be destroyed. Therefore, users do not have to worry about your digital security and anonymity.

The company that created the system smart bar, even gives the figures of the effectiveness of its design and claims that the introduction of the system will allow you to sell extra 76 million pints of beer a year.

How much is the facial recognition system

As a model distribution system smart bar and its Creator company DataSparQ, chose subscription. For the month of will have to pay 199 pounds (about 15,000 rubles). Not so much for serious improvement of his establishment. Especially if it will attract new customers who will be only too happy to visit the bar, which they do not have to tolerate arrogant customers who are trying to get priority service.