Artificial intelligence has solved a murder by looking at the victim’s face

What you just read is not a script of a horror movie, but frightening at the same time is an amazing reality. In a recent article about the neural network for the conversion of Emoji in real pictures , we wrote that today artificial intelligence is used in almost every mobile app. Services for the management of the Bank accounts are no exception and some of them neural networks are used for face recognition. Recently in China there was a terrible accident — a man killed a woman and tried to seize her Bank account, after logging showing on camera her bruised face.

First, let’s talk about the motives of the crime. According to police from China’s Fujian province, on the evening of 11 April, a man named Zhang quarreled with his girlfriend. The cause of the quarrel was money and it came down to the fact that in a fit of rage, a man strangled his lover. He later took her smartphone and has launched a banking application, Money Station to steal from her account 4200 dollars, of which there was a quarrel.

The system of face recognition in applications

Feature a woman used the application is that for authorization you need to look at the camera smartphone. The man kept his head and pointed at the camera bruised face of his victim. Probably he was very surprised, because the app didn’t work — for successful authentication the application needs to wink, and the dead woman’s face was motionless.

It is here that the fun began. Recognizing the still woman’s face, the artificial intelligence sounded the alarm and gave a signal to staff that they independently looked at her face. Bank employees noticed that she has bruises and strange marks on the neck, similar to the one that remains from suffocation. It became clear that the woman need to find the location.

Artificial intelligence to solve the crime

They did it — the police got on the trail of the killer and caught him in the moment when he tried to burn the woman’s body. It was later revealed that in addition to trying to steal the money the man tried to cover his tracks. In particular, when using a smartphone, he wrote to employer women and asked on her behalf vacation. Parents of the victim, he also said that she goes on vacation.

The man sent a message through WeChat — almost the main messenger in China

At this point the man is going to judge, but the date of the commencement of proceedings is still unknown. Must be a decent murderer faces a prison sentence, but the court’s verdict we will know soon. According to statistics, in China each year are committed thousands of homicides. In 2016, for example, was committed 8634 murder, but the case is perhaps the first of its kind. Because really, do you know another case where artificial intelligence has solved a crime by looking at the dead face of a murder victim?