Why really exploded American spacecraft Crew Dragon

This spring, during the engine test the spacecraft SpaceX Dragon happened “anomaly” — as it is dubbed by the company. For it is not clear how leaked video of the incident captured the countdown with the subsequent burning of the SuperDraco engines and boom, everything exploded. Until now it was unknown why one of the most advanced capsules turned into smoke.


SpaceX had a long walk around the Bush, but on July 15 still released the official details of the incident with the Crew Dragon. As experts write, in the pressurization system tanks have a valve that is responsible for the admission of helium to the side fuel tanks. Usually it works like a clock, but in that time started to function incorrectly: valve made a u-turn, from-for what fuel was in the tank with helium.

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Why blow up a Crew Dragon

The very contact with fuel tank pressurization with helium could cause an explosion. But after the engine has been started, this led to increasing pressure helium, as he expected, rushed to the flap, but it prevented fuel, of which there was not to be. There was a reaction with titanium one of the components of the valve, after which there was a fire and subsequent explosion.

To prevent a recurrence of the situation, SpaceX has promised to remove the check valve from the capsule — instead, they will install bursting discs. They can’t miss the fuel in the pressurization system, since we are in closed condition up to a certain level of gas pressure.