Why ISS’s going to smell like freshly baked cookies

Space food has come a long way from powders, purees and tubes up to, if not products, cooked by professional chefs, at least the usual “earthly” food. But if the astronauts ever really prepare homemade meals in space? To steaks and fried potatoes, of course not yet reached, but to prepare a delicious dessert on the International space station (ISS) will be this fall.


What’s the downside of the current space food?

Given the fact that food products for astronauts are carefully selected and the “table” they get only the best of them, space food is quite healthy and nutritious. However, in the process of cooking it is carefully preserved, which affects the taste. In fact we have various kinds of canned food, and this is nothing like freshly prepared food. In addition, the cooking alone is and important psychological aspect.

“The act of cooking helps. When we were training in the expeditions of survival on Earth, cooking added a sense of normalcy of what is happening. And I think that to some extent lacking in space.” says former NASA astronaut Mike Massimino.

One of the cameras the cosmic furnace in which to cook biscuits. The camera will be placed dough


How does the cosmic oven for biscuits

The device was developed by company Zero G Kitchen together NanoRacks. Inside the furnace on the Ground, the air is heated and rises, propecia meals. Then it cools and moves down, where it again heats up. This causes the air to continuously circulate. But in the microgravity environment of the ISS , the air will not float to the top of the furnace.

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To overcome this problem, in the oven is a tray that holds the products in place, and heating elements mounted around its inner parts, distribute heat evenly. But airflow is not the only problem. Fire poses a huge risk, so developers are equipped with special ventilation furnace insulating components and modules in order to pass validation in the security Department at NASA. In this “from scratch” cook biscuits on the ISS will not be released, because ingredients like eggs and flour for the dough will just fly all over the station. Therefore, “cosmic cooks” will be forced to use a pre-made and frozen on the Ground workpiece from the test.

Only here to enjoy the astronauts would only be able to smell fresh cookies. The fact is that after baking the first batch, all the samples they have to send to Earth to study and determine whether it is dangerous “space cookie” by eating. And if all goes well, the second batch of brave astronauts will be able to eat.