Why is it better to leave the phone in the locker room in sports

The researchers examined how the use of a smartphone for calls and text communication interferes with physical exercises. They came to the conclusion that those people who talk on the phone or carry it using text communication in the process of exercise, reduced the intensity of training. In particular, scientists have studied the use of a smartphone during class on the treadmill: in this exercise, you lovers of a healthy lifestyle often turn to their smart devices.

Researchers in the program Kent state College of education and health came to the conclusion that when people use their smartphones in the process of doing exercises, talking on the phone or chatting, this leads to a decrease of the intensity of the exercise.

Reduced intensity, as defined, reduces the benefits of training routines, health, and results from these activities.

This study involved 44 students, who performed four 30-minute exercise session on a treadmill. The researchers evaluated the effects of the most common features of smart phones such as music playback, voice telephone communication and text messaging, and controlled as when the students did not have access to their smartphones.

How smartphone affect physical exercise

During each session, the estimated average speed of your treadmill, your heart rate and get pleasure. The study showed that compared to the state characteristic of training without a smartphone three smartphone features — music, voice calls and text messaging in different extent, affects the course of the exercise.

Smartphone use exclusively to play music increases the average running speed on a treadmill, your heart rate and fun to complete exercises. Voice communication enhances the pleasure and heart rate, but reduces the speed. And text messaging reduces both the speed and heart rate but does not affect the pleasure from physical activity.

It turned out that listening to music and less voice communication can increase the duration and frequency of exercise due to its ability to increase the pleasure. Of course, if the time allotted for exercise is limited, it appears that it is better to avoid voice communication on the phone during a scheduled exercise.

While scientists have found no advantages of text communication in the process of exercise.

Most people noted that very few perform exercises due to time constraints. However, in this case, done the research indicates that smartphone should not be used for voice and text communication, as both classes can potentially reduce the effectiveness of fitness activities. If you want to get more benefits and achieve perfection in your training, leave your smartphone in a closed room and enjoy the music, for example, from the player.

Conventional media players still exist and has not lost its relevance. Released their new and very attractive model,the time of the extraordinary popularity of the devices in this category already in the past thanks to smart phones, for whom playing music is just one of their many functions.