Underwater discovered an ancient forest which has 10,000 years

When we hear about the discovery of ancient remains, most of us likely imagine an archaeological dig, in which recovered the surviving parts of ancient animals, plants or even humans. However, this is not always the case. Not so long ago a group of researchers from Poland and Lithuania in the area where the colony (a small settlement with a population of only 900 people) located on the Baltic sea, discovered sunken ancient forest that was under water 10,000 years ago.

According to the editors of Science in Poland, the search was initiated by scientists from the National Maritime Museum in Gdansk (Poland) together with their colleagues from the University of Klaipeda (Lithuania).

The purpose of the joint expedition of Polish and Lithuanian researchers was the preparation of photogrammetric documentation of the findings. Scientists have taken thousands of underwater photographs that will be used to create three-dimensional models of the missing trees”, — the press service of the National Maritime Museum.

Photogrammetry is a method of determining the shape, size, position, and other characteristics of objects based on their photos. In order to recreate a single object, you need to make a few thousand pictures. For example, in this case to recreate the look of the two trunks of ancient trees with a length of several meters needed to take about 3000 photos. The result of the work you can observe in the photobelow.

As discovered by ancient forest

Based on data from previous studies, scientists have suggested that in the area of Juodkrante during the end of the Ice age was a dense forest, which was formed by the retreating ice sheet. Forest was hidden under water for thousands of years. In this area he grew up in the days of the last ice age.

In order to test their assumptions, the researchers conducted a scan of the seabed of the Baltic sea and found there the confirmation of his hypothesis. This was followed by the expedition to conduct a series of undersea research. In the result, there were several dives to great depths and beneath the seabed , scientists have indeed found “deposits” of ancient trees. The age of plants found able to estimate 9-10 thousand years. About that time the Baltic sea was formed. Before that there was a huge glacier that pushed through earth’s crust, resulting in a formed pit, which after the melting of ice filled with water.

This is interesting: What if the world will be a forest the size of a continent?

According to experts, the sea area in which is located the sunken forest will help you learn new information about the ancient people who lived in the Stone age because the area was quite densely populated at the time. So now scientists hope to discover in the ancient forest, the traces of human presence.