Toyota covered with solar panels and charging on the go

Almost every car manufacturer produces models with electric engines, but few risks to equip them with solar panels for constant recharging of the battery. One of the rare brave souls in this field was Toyota, which in some prototypes of their cars have used solar energy to power the onboard computer and other electronics. Now the manufacturer has gone further, and developed the hybrid Prius with solar panels on the hood, roof and trunk. The generated energy will be used to power the electric motor.

According to the company, for one day of exposure to the sun, the car generates as much electricity as enough to overcome 44.5 kilometers. While traveling, the solar panels will be able to increase the range of the vehicle up to 56.3 kilometers. Some people these figures may seem insignificant, but most of the drivers daily drive a much shorter distance, so energy should be enough.

Toyota with solar panels

Of course, the increase in the reserve will depend on the region of use of the car. If the owner lives in the predominantly cloudy weather, the benefits of solar panels will be a little. But, the drivers are from warm countries can afford to charge your car much less frequently and thus save money.


At the moment the company is not ready to release the prototype Prius on sale, but plans to test it in different areas of Tokyo. In this case, it will help the company NEDO and Sharp — it is important to determine the degree of efficiency of the solar panels. In the future, the manufacturer wants them to equip all their cars — whatever it is, they will be able to power the air conditioning, audio system and other equipment that consume electricity.

Competitor Tesla recharges the battery on the go

This is not the first car with solar panels for the last time. Recently the Dutch company Lightyear unveiled rival Tesla, which is also capable to charge the battery. One hour of sun exposure, the car increases the range by an average of 12 kilometers. In summer this figure can reach 30 kilometers per day, but in winter, the increase in the reserve will reach only 7 kilometers.

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