The strongest animal on Earth. Who are they?

What animal is the most powerful on the planet? Many may think that it is an elephant or blue whale. They have the large size and weight. But it depends on whether the power animal of its size and weight? How to determine who in the animal world is the strongest? If we consider the ratio of strength and weight, many animals with a smaller mass and size will be stronger than even the largest.


The biggest land animal

The largest land animal is the elephant. Its weight can reach 7 tons (the maximum recorded “the Guinness Book of records” — more than 12 tons), an increase of more than 3 meters. With the trunk the elephant can lift the weight up to 250 to 275 pounds. It is known that African elephants can optionally pick up the trunk and carry their young, which at birth weigh more than 100 pounds. The maximum weight that can carry the elephants for themselves, according to various estimates is from 1 to 2 tons.

The strongest bird

Perhaps the strongest bird in the world can be called a South American harpy. It mainly inhabits the South American rain forests. With a body length of 90 to 110 inches, wing span about two meters and weight up to 9 kilograms (females, males usually less) this bird has outstanding power. It is known that the largest animals killed and carried away a bird, was 7-pound a Howler monkey that was killed by the harpy. The case occurred in 1990 in the Peruvian Manu National Park.

The biggest bear

The polar bear is the largest member of the bear family. Its length reaches 3 meters and a weight up to 1 ton. Body length up to 200-250 cm. He is one of the most dangerous predators on the planet. Lives in Arctic regions. Many agree that in a hypothetical fight polar bear and brown bear (another very large predator) wins the first. The polar bear is superior in the weight and intelligence of his brown congener.

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The strongest monkey

The strongest monkey on the planet are gorilla. The large humanoid primates. Gorillas in nature live mainly in Central and West Africa, in the forests.

The adult male of this monkey may be 4-9 times stronger than the average person. According to the Guinness Book of records, the gorilla is able to lift up to 815 pounds of weight. And according to some, these primates were raised by fallen trees weighing 2000 pounds.

The strongest cat

The tiger is the strongest and biggest of the cat family. Live in swampy areas of tropical forests and grass lands in Southeast Asia and in the Far East of Russia. The Siberian tiger is the largest. The adult reaches a length of 190 — 230 cm. The animal’s weight can reach 300 kg. Tigers have powerful jaws and teeth 30. The upper canines of the tigers reach a length of 10 centimeters, designed to tear flesh. Tigers are formidable hunters and can carry prey 2 times heavier than its own weight. Considering the size and strength, they can even beat the lions.

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The strongest reptile

Saltwater crocodile is the largest member of his squad, as well as the largest on-shore or near a predator. Can be found in Indonesia, Vietnam, East India and New Guinea.

There are indications that the maximum length of this reptile is 7.3 meters. Potentially has the strongest bite among all animals. The estimated compressive force of the jaws of a large male saltwater crocodile weighing 1308 pounds from 27531 to 34424 Newtons, equivalent to the force of gravity in 2809-3512 pounds.

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The most powerful insect

Record as the strongest insect on the planet belongs to the beetle-beetle. The males of this small species of insects are able to lift the load, the weight of which in 1141 times the mass of the body of the beetle. It is as if the average person weighing 80 kilograms was able to lift a weight of 90 tons.

The strongest animal on the planet

The most powerful animal was not a Rhino and not even the whale, and the little creature, the size of which range is from 1 to 3 millimeters. It’s called copepods.

Copepods are small crustaceans that live in the ocean. They have a very strong muscle that provides the two systems of transportation: need one for swimming and one for jumping. Scientists believe that copepods are almost ten times stronger than any member of the animal Kingdom and are able to move one second at a distance exceeding the length of its body 500 times.

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