The invasion of grasshoppers in the United States. The picture is really creepy

A few days ago we wrote about how the mass migration of flying ants in the UK were visible even from space. In another part of the globe at the moment there is a similar pattern. Only this time we are talking about grasshoppers. Attracted to the light of neon signs and lights of Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps, the entire army of chirping insects literally filled the streets. Tourists of the city are complaining in social networks, hysteria. Grasshoppers are so numerous that they are visible even meteorological radar stations.

Dangerous than grasshoppers?

Insect attack (marked in green), visible to weather radars

Fortunately, we are not talking about the biblical locust Horde, which is considered a harbinger of the impending end of the world. By the way, our scientists, even a plague of locusts would be happy. Not so long ago, we reported why.

According to entomologists who attacked Las Vegas grasshoppers belong to the species Trimerotropis pallidipennis. Its habitat is very broad. They are found from the U.S. state of British Columbia to Argentina. In length this species reaches 37 mm.

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Scientists say the locusts are not dangerous to humans. They do not bite and are not carriers of diseases. However, residents are advised to close Windows and doors, and drivers to be more vigilant on the roads. Huge swarms of insects can greatly restrict visibility.

How to migrate grasshoppers?

In fact, the invasion of such a large number of grasshoppers has a scientific explanation, experts say. It’s all about the weather. More precisely in the sediments. The reason was a rainy winter and a cool spring. According to the National oceanic and atmospheric administration, rainfall in Nevada during the period from January to June this year, twice the average annual figure. Grasshoppers, in turn, like arid areas. Mating specific species of grasshoppers are usually at an ambient temperature of 30-40 degrees Celsius. It is precisely this average temperature is now in Las Vegas.

According to a local entomologist Jeff knight for 30 years of his work he became at least 5 times a witness of the same migration.

Migration of these insects is observed with the 60-ies. Only in my memory of such events have occurred five times, — says the scientist.

According to the entomologist, insect in Las Vegas will continue for several weeks, after which they migrate to the North where drier weather.

However, local residents this is still not comforting:

This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life — wrote in the “Twitter” one of the local residents, a message accompanied by a few really terrible pictures.

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