The bike that almost never need to be recharged. How does it work?

The expression “don’t reinvent the wheel” should not be taken too literally. The fact is that, despite the very simple device (steering wheel, pedals, a chain and a pair of wheels), many developers are constantly making features in a classic design and can say, invent the wheel again. For example, Byar Bicycle company recently introduced the Volta. The first electric bike that doesn’t need external power source.


What’s the feature of the new electric bike

Looking at pictures Volta catches the eye is one interesting detail: the bike has no chain, but there are pedals. We will talk about them later, but for now will focus on other features. Instead of chain then set the shaft for the motor. But in the rear of the bike stashed the motor power of 250 watts and a range of detectors and sensors to monitor movement. In addition, a GPS module and Bluetooth. At last I would like to elaborate.

The fact that the power reserve with a single battery Volta is 160 km. to the bike “earned”, you need to accelerate to a speed of 5 kilometers per hour (normal walking speed), that is, you just need to push and go, keeping the balance. Not only will this start the battery, but will include a wireless Bluetooth module that will communicate with an app on your smartphone. Next you need to scroll three times the pedal back in order to switch on the motor. It has 3 work modes: “Turbo”, “Bike” and “Normal”. The stated power reserve is 160 kilometers without recharging. The modes of the bike are selected in the application. You can set them in advance or change on the go. Walk briefly on each of them:

  • Turbo mode allows to squeeze the maximum speed (according to the manufacturer up to 25-30 kilometers per hour) and provides a comfortable climb up the hill.
  • “Normal” is suitable for city trips, not allowing you much “gun it” and create a danger for other traffic participants. 10-15 miles per hour — the maximum that he is capable of.
  • Bike+ is a cross between the above two modes and is more suited for driving on rough terrain.

It’s not the ignition switch, but simply a means to lock a bike to them that nobody could use in your absence

Why the bike does not need to be charged?

First, in the construction set “tricky” Dynamo, which is part of the energy of motion of the wheels “returns” back into the battery. Naturally, Volta is not a perpetual motion machine and it is sometimes you need to recharge. About the need to do this, you prompt the app. And for charging you just need to pedal. That is nobody forbids you to go to the drive through the city and periodically twisting the pedals to charge the battery. Sorry about how long do I need to pedal to fully charge the battery, manufacturers are not misleading.

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In addition, the Volta app allows you to remotely lock all functions of the bike in case of theft, making it just a bunch of metal. It also gives you the ability to track the location of a bike thanks to the GPS module. By the way, the same module also allows you to use a full-fledged Navigator when traveling.