Tesla has presented a very powerful modular batteries for storing solar energy

With the development of production of so-called “green energy” (solar and wind), the market is starting to need new solutions that can store this energy in large volumes. About two years ago, we wrote about how Tesla is actually on a bet for 100 days built in Australia the world’s largest lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 100 megawatts on the basis of storage of energy Tesla Powerpack. But the company decided not to stop. Today, Tesla is a new system for “large-scale” energy storage. The project is called Megapack.

Its way in the sphere of development of energy storage systems company Tesla started with the creation and production of domestic battery Powerwallthat can store electricity produced from solar cells installed on the roofs of houses. For business-oriented solutions were later presented system Powerpack. According to the latest announcement, the company decided to seriously focus on industrial-scale energy storage systems.

What is a Megapack?

Tesla reports that the Megapack is a system of modular batteries, the size of which does not exceed the size of the shipping container. The battery can be connected directly to solar panels. The capacity of each battery Megapack is 3 MW·h Is about 14 times more than storage capabilities Powerpack, which is capable of storing about 210 KWh of energy.

The company says that the battery Megapack are a fully turnkey solution with all the additional equipment needed not only for storage but also for the redistribution issued by electric energy.

Why do we need such system?

According to the company, the main advantage of battery Megapack is that you can combine them in a large storage of energy based on clean sources with a capacity of 250 MWh or 1 GW*h. While Tesla notes, installation and connection of such a system is less than three months, which is four times faster than to build and run a power plant of similar capacity fossil fuel (e.g., coal). In addition, Tesla noted that the station on the basis of the battery Megapack will occupy 40 percent less space than similar power supply.

All items in the General store Megapack interact with the Central control system Powerhub, which helps to monitor and control all objects.

According to the company, the reserve of energy in the amount of 1 GWh is enough to provide electricity to all the houses in San Francisco within six hours.

Megapack is not a complete substitute for traditional power plants, but the system can be used as a temporary backup source of energy during peak loads and outages of power grids. Usually used in such cases, special station. They were very expensive to build, and each day of operation of such a station can cost millions of dollars, indicates the Tesla website.