Starship a spaceship for missions to Mars will attempt to get off the Ground

The company SpaceX, founded by American entrepreneur Elon Musk, diligently engaged in the development of a huge spaceship called Starship. It is expected that it will be possible to send to the moon and Mars for 100 people at a time, and for a few minutes to carry passengers from one city to another. At the moment the company verifies the efficiency of the future vehicle on a test version, known as the Starhopper. Tomorrow, 16 July 2019, this device will make its short flight.


The flight of the ship is really small and may last only a few seconds. The fact that the company yet does not risk to send him flying, but just evaluates the performance of rocket engines Raptor, which will be responsible for the movement of large apparatus. It rises only 20 feet above the ground, that is about the height of nine homes. That he has not flown further, employees of the company will tie him to the ground with strong ropes.

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The flight of the spacecraft Starship

Tests are near Texas village of Boca Chica, where there is a private spaceport for SpaceX. It is known that in the course of testing a preliminary version of the spacecraft will try to climb into the sky, to move to the side and make a soft landing. There is hope for good weather and that during testing there will be no accidents.

The installation of the rocket engine Raptor

The first test vehicle were completed in April 2019, on the same private spaceport. Then everything went smoothly — he Elon Musk confirmed that the ship has successfully carried out a small jump without any errors. Video stream test vehicle Starhopper unlikely to be on YouTube, because even the old test was filmed by witnesses from the 10-kilometer distance.

The official launch of the Starship

The company plans to launch the first official launch of the Starship already in 2021. To complete all tests and collect the final version of the aircraft to the planned date, the developers build and test the second version of the ship. It is believed that the parallel design of the ship in two different places markedly hasten the day when he will be able to soar into the sky.

The second test version of the spacecraft Starship

Of course, working simultaneously on two 9-foot apparatus made of huge steel plates would cost the company a lot of money. However, these costs can easily be recouped in the future — the cost of flights between different cities for passengers will clearly be high. Also do not forget that the ship will be able to send to Mars a hundred people, what people dream for a long time.