SpaceX conducted a successful test of a prototype spacecraft for missions to Mars

Today the main stars for the private space company SpaceX are launch vehicles, the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy. They are used by the company for a conclusion of satellites and delivering cargo to the International space station. However, SpaceX is not going to be these missiles, and is developing a completely new launch system. With its help, the company intends to undertake much more ambitious projects. Neither more nor less – to send people to the moon and Mars. Now the company is testing the prototype of this spacecraft. The first two ended in failure. The prototype caught fire. However, during the last test, SpaceX managed to tear the prototype on land.

Tests of a prototype ship Starship – layout stainless steel under the name Starhopper was conducted with the test firing of the SpaceX Boca Chica (Texas) late on Thursday evening. Literally the day after the last failed attempt.

About a new and successful testing via its page in the “Twitter” said the head of SpaceX Elon Musk, he quipped:

Test Starhopper was a success. Even water towers can fly.

The fact that visually Starhopper is really more like a water tower with three legs than on a rocket or space ship.

In the course of the test engine unit worked not more than 20 seconds but it was enough to Starhopper went up on planned 20 meters. This time the company conducted a live broadcast of the event, but around the place testing has gathered a large number of people who were trying to capture rare footage from different angles.

In the video above, the lifting apparatus starts at time 4:40:27. It see something through the thick smoke almost impossible. However, there are reports that the prototype took to the air, made a lateral movement and gently landed in the planned landing point.

Later, Elon Musk himself has shared his recording of the camera located close to the engine apparatus. In addition, he posted a video of engine start-up, is captured by a flying drone. And have them seen exactly what Starhopper went up.

Task apparatus Starhopper

Prototype Starhopper not intended for flight into space. SpaceX is developing it as a platform to test various technologies that will be used in a full space ship Starship. Its what the company is going to use to fly to the moon and Mars.

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According to the Mask, a new test Starhopper can be held in a week or two. At this time, the company will try to launch experimental spacecraft to a height of 200 meters.