Scientists: hip-hop and rap do not listen to the smartest people

Scientists have been trying to establish a connection between music preference and intelligence. Many believe that smart people only listen to Bach and Mozart, and pop music and rap music on people and less educated. But is it?

To find out, scientists from the American psychological Association collected data from 467 high school students. Adolescents were asked, what music they prefer to listen and make your own scale musical preferences. After that, students passed a test to determine IQ level.

What is the relationship between rap and intelligence

It turned out that classical and jazz music is preferred by teenagers with high IQ. Rock fans also showed good results. But almost all the young fans of rap have failed the test of intelligence. In the process of the study, the researchers also took jazz lovers to the “difficult” people — is, as a rule, intellectuals, not very athletic, but open to new experiences. Those who listen to rock, proved to be more athletic, but fans of the rap — optimists and extroverts. They see themselves as athletic, rich, beautiful and politically conservative. Agree? Share in the comments and in our Telegram chat.

You can’t call a sample of 500 people is great, but it allows you to make a General picture of the relationship between musical preferences and human intelligence. It is also worth noting that people listen to music in different ways: some perceive it solely on the level of emotions, while others, for example, are keenly interested in its composite device. Hence may be inferred, and the relationship between mindset and genre preferences.

However, the relationship between mental abilities and the music is — the conclusion previously reached by scientists from Canada. According to their observations, the students who are engaged in music school, achieve the best results in the natural Sciences, mathematics and foreign languages. This contributes to the training discipline and coordination.

But creativity background music, on the contrary, has a negative effect. In the case familiar with music and creative abilities of people have weak depending on what mood conveyed by the music and liked them. Researchers believe that this result is due to the fact that music disrupts verbal working memory.