Radiation and biological weapons destroyed mosquitoes in China

Mosquitoes maybe the most annoying insects on the planet. Just remember their vile squeak and bites that occur redness and itching — all of this could easily infuriate even the calmest person. In fact, we were lucky, because in Russia there are almost no mosquitoes that spread dangerous diseases. In other countries, such as China, creating these tiny one bite could infect humans with a deadly virus zika or dengue. Effective drugs against these diseases does not yet exist, so scientists are left with only one option — to destroy mosquitoes. This can be done with the help of radiation and biological weapons.

Of course, with many species of mosquitoes can be fought with a variety of chemicals. However, when it comes to such dangerous species as the Asian tiger mosquitoes (Aedes albopictus), on conventional means against insects can be easy to forget — these bloodsuckers are simply not afraid of them. That is why scientists use radiation and special groups of bacteria that do not allow mosquitoes to breed. The radiation and viruses, if anything, completely safe for humans.

Why do mosquitoes bite?

Few people know about it, but all the mosquitoes that bite us are females. They attack people and animals during their reproduction, because of the blood of mammals they need for a successful production of offspring. Males, in turn, feed exclusively on plant foods, namely plant nectar. By the way, recently the mosquitoes learned to eat plastic.

From all this it follows that to reduce the number of biting mosquitoes infected with diseases, scientists need to stop their reproduction. In the end, they could decimate the population of dangerous insects and release them into the nature of healthy individuals. To completely eliminate these insects, as it did not want, not at the larval stage they are a great food for fish, and adults feed on dragonflies and some birds.

Dangerous mosquitoes

One of the most dangerous species of mosquitoes, as noted above, are the Asian tiger mosquitoes. From the ordinary mosquitoes, they differ in black-and-white coloring of the body and more aggressive character. Usually they are found in China, Japan and Australia, but sometimes they notice, even in Russia, in 2017, reports emerged that they were seen in theregion.

Tiger mosquito Aedes albopictus

Mosquitoes become infected with dangerous diseases when they drink blood from animals. The most dangerous diseases that they carry are the zika virus and dengue fever. When infected with zika virus in humans, there is headache, fever and a rash — the worst thing can happen to pregnant women, because after infection they can be born children with developmental disabilities. Dengue fever is also accompanied by a rash and can cause psychoses and other severe conditions.

How to get rid of mosquitoes?

The most effective way of destroying the population of mosquitoes is considered a threat of depriving them of their opportunity to multiply. One of the methods of sterilization of males is a radiation — releasing thousands of these insects in nature, scientists can fool the females, which will mate with the sterile individuals. In the end, females will simply die of old age, not biting people and not producing offspring. However, often females feel irradiated males and prefer to mate with healthy, so this method is not the best.

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The scientists also create sterile mosquitoes, infecting them with bacteria of the genus Wolbachia. If a healthy female will mate with infected with this bacterium male, she, too, will fail to produce offspring. But this method has a big disadvantage if the female is also infected, it will easily continue the mosquito population. Another disadvantage is the need for a thorough sorting of females and males, because having infected individuals of both sexes and releasing them into the wild, scientists can only aggravate the situation and cause infection even greater number of people.

The best mosquito repellent

To get rid of all the drawbacks, the researchers decided to use both methods of getting rid of mosquitoes. First, they irradiated the mosquitoes all genders weak radiation — females are more susceptible to radiation, so become sterile. Males remained unharmed,and thus the same attractive to the opposite sex. Them to become infertile, scientists infected the whole group of insects with bacteria — no need to separate insects by sex allowed for once to produce up to 160 thousand infected mosquitoes. Yes, females were also infected and normally mating with sick males would give progeny, but in this case they were exposed to radiation and, therefore, was barren.

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Thanks to this cunning method, scientists were able to get rid of dangerous mosquitoes for two river Islands in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. The number of mosquito bites was reduced by as much as 97%, because in six weeks, the scientists never saw one mosquito the female. Viable mosquito eggs is not met in the last three months.

It is likely that this approach will be applied in other parts of the world, including in Africa. The method is just great, because not having on people any harm. Of course, we locals can have a negative attitude to scientists who released huge flocks of mosquitoes, but after seeing these stunning results, they probably will calm down.

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