In the United States found a huge hornet’s nest, and they cannot be destroyed

As a rule, the size of wasp nests does not exceed the size of a volleyball ball, and inside them lives a maximum of 5,000 insects. However, in the U.S. state of Alabama, for the second time in the current century found huge nests which are home to more than 10,000 individuals, and their number is constantly growing. The length of these wasp structures can reach three meters, and they are usually located near houses. They seem harmless, but let them not undertake even the professionals from the service for the extermination of the pests because of the bites of such asset quantity can be fatal.


For the first time a huge wasp nest was discovered in 2006 in the amount of more than 90 pieces. Scientists believe that this year’s nests may be even more — at the moment they were discovered just four pieces 10,000 wasps inside, but because of the warm winter, the number of surviving insects can be huge and they could build a giant nest.

Alabama increased the number of threat OS

Indeed, the existence of such nests is directly related to weather conditions. Usually, with the onset of cold weather, wasp nests are destroyed because of the death of workers — the constructions are simply running out of food. However, in warm winters, some wasps survive, and by next summer will increase the size of the sockets so that they fit thousands of insects.

According to the expert on insects, Charles ray, upon detection of a huge nest near the home, people should not attempt to get rid of it.


Unlike honey bees, wasps do not lose their stinger, so that each insect can sting repeatedly and attack in large numbers. They are especially dangerous in the summer — explained his colleague Xing Ping Hu.

The danger of stinging insects increases with their amount, so researchers recommend to seek the assistance of professional exterminators. At the same time, they recognize that in some cases they can be powerless against such a large insect swarms.

A huge hornet’s nest in the house of James Barron

What is the danger of wasp stings?

Independent attempts to destroy wasp nests can really lead to terrible consequences. For example, James Barron of South Alabama tried to get rid of nests, along with his son and eventually the boy was stung 11 times. He survived, but could get deadly bites — once in the mouth, wasp venom could cause edema of the airway and death from suffocation.

At a time when the population OS growing, Australian bees are faced with big problems. Due to the large amount of garbage, they have to build their houses from plastic waste.

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