How dangerous it is to give children antibiotics?

Childrenwho were treated with antibiotics in early childhood, gaining weight significantly faster than their peers who were not taking these drugs. A new study has shown that the use of antibiotics can have a permanent effect on the weight gain continued into adulthood.

Dangerous than the antibiotics

After reviewing the medical data of more than 160 thousand children, researchers found that a healthy 15-year-olds, which was treated with antibiotics seven or more times in childhood, an average of 1.3 kg exceeded the weight of their peers who were not taking any antibiotics.

The amount of evidence supporting the link between antibiotic use and weight is steadily increasing. And this applies not only to people. In agriculture, antibiotics are used as growth stimulator in livestock.

The use of antibiotics at any age contributes to weight gain, said lead author of the study Brian S. Schwartz of the school of public health at Bloomberg Johns Hopkins University.

Scientists suggest that antibiotics kill some types of bacteria, leaving the gut others that break down foods differently. This leads to permanent changes in the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract, the study said.

According to experts, changes in the microflora of the stomach can lead to an increase in the number of calories in the nutrients absorbed by humans. There is also evidence of the impact of antibiotics on the body even before birth. A recent study by Danish researchers conducted thousands of school children, showed that antibiotic use by the mother during pregnancy increases the risk of obesity in children.

Did you know that the most powerful antibiotics are on the inside of us?

Replacement of antibiotics

Of course, in some dangerous bacterial diseases, antibiotics are appropriate. But scientists fear that parents often give their children antibiotics when they are not needed. In such cases, experts advise to follow the doctor’s recommendations. Besides often find these antibiotics difficult — now there are too many drugs and without professional intervention to understand them is not easy. And to give fake drug is very dangerous.

If the doctor says you can do without antibiotics, discard them.

Are there anyNow a team of scientists from George Mason University conducts full-scale research of drugs which can be the safeto antibiotics. New drugs are basically bacteriophages. This particular viruses selectively infecting specific bacterial cells. Getting inside the cell, the viruses multiply and cause eventually the death of the latter.