How dangerous is the pack of stray dogs?

According to the world society for the protection of animals, in the world there are about 500 million dogs. About 75% of them are wandering about together, they often attack people and animals spreading rabies and other diseases. Within each flock has its own order, where the leader controls the dog of lower rank, and those, in turn, have power over the puppies and sick animals. Researchers from Exeter University decided to find out which stray dogs are the most aggressive — it turned out that the leaders are not so wicked as might have been expected.


In the study, biologists for seven months, watched a flock of 27 stray dogs that wander around the neighborhood of Rome. Special attention scholars have paid to the three manifestations in each individual. First, they drew attention to the aggressive growling and barking. Second, they monitor what individuals are subordinate to and often lower my head and push tail. Thirdly, researchers interested in individuals who manage to maintain high status without aggression, and just a straight posture and head high.

How organized the pack of stray dogs?

After analyzing the collected data, the researchers made interesting findings. It turned out that the highest status in the pack is adult dogs, and they do not even need to show anger. The same calm was the puppies that are at the bottom of the hierarchy. But, in all of the pack stood out: the young dogs of middle age — because among them there is much competition for the lead in his link, they have to be as evil. Thus, the most dangerous dogs in the pack are the juveniles — they are able to attack not only each other, but to the people.

Where I live stray dogs?

As a rule, in daytime homeless dogs hiding in a deserted and protected areas: wide sewer pipes, storage facilities and fenced areas with dense vegetation. Morning and evening they go out in crowded places, hoping to find food. According portal DogsBite, from 2005 to 2017 stray dogs killed 433 people, that is, the year they commit about 30 fatal attacks.


Statistics of homeless dogs in the UK

The danger of stray dogs

The aggressiveness of stray dogs can flare up in the presence of females and the appearance of the food — competition among young dogs almost never disappears. Subsequently, the strongest of them has all chances to become the leader of the pack and ensure its survival by finding suitable habitat, proper distribution of food and protection from enemies.

According to Professor Robbie McDonald, survival in the wild dogs takes a lot of energy, so the distribution of responsibilities in schools plays a very important role. Such an organization indicates the development of the intelligence of dogs, but in science there is evidence that they also are pretty stupid.

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