Home robot Amazon the size of a child. What we know about him?

Amazon is not really known in Russia, but in the US knows about it almost everyone. Initially she worked in sales books, but today it has become so big and rich that it has set up its own voice assistant, Alexa, and develops robots for shipping. It is known that in the near future the company may start selling homemade robot called Vesta. Recently revealed that he’s the size of a child of five, and to move independently around the house with four wheels.

The name of the robot was given no chance — the developers named it after the Roman goddess Vesta, which is considered the homemaker. The robot is unlikely to be able to wipe the dust and wash the floors, but will probably be able to play music and tell the owners recipes, and guard the house with built-in camera.

Best voice assistant

All of the above robot will be able thanks to the integrated voice assistant, Alexa. It is very popular in the United States — in 2019, the company shared that it is embedded in over 100 million devices. Unfortunately, the assistant U.S. company does not understand commands in Russian, so we have the most popular Alice from Yandex.

Typically, voice assistants are installed in home speakers that most of the time standing on the table. Embedding inside an assistant mobile robot, the company wants to make sure that he was always near the user. Most likely, it will be equipped with large display, through which people can seek information online and communicate with relatives via video link.

I hope the robot will not look like an alarm clock Amazon Echo Spot with wheels

Home helper will roam around the house alone, carefully avoiding all obstacles. In this he, like unmanned vehicles, will help built into the body proximity sensors and various cameras.

Big robot for the home

The robot was able to go on sale in 2019, but while it is still being tested within the company. It is known that the currently created the preliminary version of the robot is so large, that they are at the waist level of an adult. Whether the company will change the size of the robot is unknown.

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In General, the development of domestic robots are not only giants such as Amazon, but a small company. So, a group of craftsmen from Ohbot recently showed the world a robot called Picoh. He can do almost anything, up to the execution of the dancing and singing of songs, but its setting is so complex that dealing with it can only be experienced programmers.