From space seen a huge swarm of ants. Where are they going?

Summer of 2019 never ceases to amaze. At the end of June in the residents of France, Germany and other European countries are faced with the grueling heat, from-for which even had to close a nuclear power plant. Then an even more unusual phenomenon was observed in Britain — radar weather service spotted in the sky a huge cloud, which a careful examination proved to be a huge swarm of flying ants. Sounds like a scene from a horror movie, but really education is the biggest ant swarms is pretty common. So where did they all go?

A huge flock of ants was indeed visible from space. Spot seen on satellite images meteorologists initially thought to be a rain cloud. However, it turned out that the tiny particles in the images is not rain drops, and the body of millions of insects. Observed from space creatures appeared to be black garden ants (Lasius niger) perpetrated by the so-called “mating flight”.

How to multiply the ants

This flight is done every summer, around late July or early August. After a period of hot and humid weather, winged males and females take to the skies mate and looking for a place to build new nests. Usually the first nests fly males, which release into the air of a substance to attract females. This substance they make them fly behind them.

During this flight, females are gaining a supply of sperm for procreation throughout his life. After completing the flight, they are looking for the most suitable place for a new nest, shed their wings and dig a first camera of the future nest. There they lay eggs and begin to care for them. Stock of sperm for every female enough to work in about 20,000 eggs for 15 years. By the way, the females of this species of ants can live up to 28 years is the longest-living insects in the world.

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Like ants building an anthill

Typically, the first ants in the nest are not allocated to a particular size and strength. However, they begin to build and increase the nest and get food and take care of the young insects. These “serve” individuals are called worker ants, but apart from them in the nests appear and winged females and males, which after some time to re-arrange a mating flight with the purpose of procreation.

The female and worker ants

Meteorologists said that every year the ants gathering are becoming more. However, this does not necessarily mean that their number is constantly growing. Most likely, swarms of ants have always been big, just weather equipment, which every year becomes more and more accurate, starts to produce more detailed images with high detail.

A swarm of flying ants

Winged ants are not dangerous to humans and play an important role in nature. At least, they are a vital food for many species of birds, and may also positively influence the soil.

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