Facebook showed a prototype of the VR bracelet with tactile feedback

Modern headset virtual or augmented reality may well have to show us a very decent quality graphics. Well, about sound quality and can not speak. However, in order to completely immerse themselves in virtual worlds we need a new method of management, because the traditional mouse, keyboard and gamepads breaking the sense of presence. And, it seems, the developers at Facebookhave been able to approach the creation of a new controller for virtual and augmented reality.

At the recently held world conference on haptic technology, researchers from Facebook Reality Labs showed a prototype of bracelets, Tasbi, which allow you to manage the virtual space and thus have multiple types of haptic feedback.

Looks like a new controller for virtual reality

The device is attached to the wrist and is a set of small modules, connected with the main element, like a very large smart watch. Each of the components of the gadget has an integrated linear actuator, is able to accurately transmit vibrations and dynamically adjust the voltage at each point where it is fixed.

Together, the bracelets, Tasbi can provide, according to developers, “vibration” and “squeeze” when the user interacts with the content. The interaction is not limited to a response to what is happening inside the virtual world. Tasbi can also manipulate holographic objects and allow “feel” them (in other words, can be, for example, shake hands with the hologram).

When you can buy VR-bracelet?

It is worth noting that the new device is only a prototype and it can be greatly refined, creating additional sensors not only on the wrist, but also on other parts of the body. In addition, the developers say that you can also add the function of tracking position of the fingers in order to give the user more control over the virtual space.

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Release date of the device on the market (as well as the possibility of going beyond the prototype) is not known. But given that Facebook owns quite a strong player in the VR market in the face of the Oculus, sooner or later something like this on a Tasbi we definitely see on the shelves.