Designers do not need? The neural network can now arrange the furniture in your apartment

If the earlier neural networks were something strange, but now access to these tools has many. And this industry is evolving at an incredible pace: recently, the neural network learned to draw pictures and give the world masterpieces (and even able to write a play!). It is therefore logical that people chose to use artificial intelligence to not only new discoveries, but also to simplify daily tasks.

This time without work may be the interior designers — one of the French developers was taught an algorithm to create floor plans and put them in furniture. He took the pix2pix algorithm that is able to convert sketches of a user in a photo-realistic portraits. Using it, the developer has at its disposal a tool that automatically creates a floor plan and even arranges the furniture.

How does the neural network designer

First, the neural network creates a vertical projection of the building, and then on its basis takes the contour of the room and puts on the plan window and the entrance. Then the neural network itself lays out the plan of the room, and walls and openings between them. It is noteworthy that the AI understands the fact that the premises are separated by type — for example, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

At the final stage, the neural network adds to the apartment furniture, but not mindlessly-for example, a table for dinner is sure to be in the kitchen, not in the bedroom, and the toilet will be the bathroom. The developer does not specify where he got the data for this, but said that the model was trained on pairs of source and destination images: that is, first the neural network to “show” pictures and photos of rooms without furniture, and then the same room, but already furnished. Thus, the neural network has learned the skill of the designer.

To the neural network was able to draw floor plans and arrange furniture, the developer has trained her on data on buildings in Boston from the public system. To contour the AI takes data on more than 800 marked plans of the apartments.

Design your house with the help of the neural network!

As the Creator of the algorithm developed in the framework of his work on his master’s thesis, he has published the online version of the model, which can try anyone. However, this requires a powerful computer. For example, try to design your home — very interesting.