Can mosquito bite cause brain inflammation and death?

One of the most annoying insects in the world, undoubtedly, are the mosquitoes. At the moment scientists know of about 3600 species, and approximately 100 of them live in Russia. Not only that, their bites, they are able to turn the evening camping in hell, and may infect humans with diseases. Most often these insects carry yellow fever and zika virus, but recently scientists noticed that mosquitoes also began actively to spread a rare disease that can cause inflammation of the brain and painful death.

The disease known as Eastern equine encephalitis and is considered very dangerous, because when infected people die in 30-50% of cases. The virus, which is the source of the disease enters the human body after the mosquito bites and through blood reaches the brain and causes inflammation. Common symptoms are sleepiness, headache and cramps — sometimes the brain is disturbed to such an extent that people die. Even if the patient survives the disease, it does not disappear without a trace and leaves behind various problems. For example, a person can happen epileptic seizures and at least often a headache.

Rare disease

Mosquitoes that spread equine encephalitis, usually found in wetlands in warm parts of the US such as Florida and Texas. Fortunately, cases of Contracting the disease is extremely rare, because in the marshlands of people are rare. Besides, the mosquito gets infected by the disease in wading for bugs, not humans — in human body the virus multiplies too slowly and its concentration is not enough to penetrate the body of the healthy mosquito. In 2016 equine encephalitis has been diagnosed in only six people.

Tiger mosquito is one of the most dangerous in the world

It may seem that this disease is not so dangerous, but scientists believe that in the future it may become more common. The fact is that due to climate changes that cause our planet harm emergency, infectious mosquitoes looking for new habitats. For example, Asian tiger mosquitoes were previously found only in China, Japan and Australia, but in 2017 they were found even in Russia. Perhaps the day is near when Russia and European countries will fly the mosquitoes and equine encephalitis.

How to protect yourself from mosquitoes?

The worst thing is that from this disease yet medicine — man either dies or survives and lives with headache and epileptic seizures. While there is no vaccine, scientists are trying to find other ways to stop the spread of mosquito-borne diseases. The most effective of these was shown in China, scientists were able to destroy the population of infected mosquitoes with radiation and biological weapons. Sounds scary, but the method is completely safe for humans and obviously pleased local residents, who certainly feared the worst diseases.

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At the moment, infective mosquitoes are destroyed only in certain parts of the world. Everyone else who is afraid of mosquito bites, it is recommended to use repellents — chemical means of insect repellents. After applying them on your skin or clothes, you notice that the insects do you avoid, because the substances irritate the nerve endings. By the way, not to be confused with repellent insecticides, because the latter is designed to kill insects, not repelling.