Can a fish swallow a shark?

Sharks are amongst the most dangerous inhabitants of sea depths — on account of some of the types of more than 400 attacks per person. However, on the seabed can be found and harmless predators that only feed on carrion and sometimes become victims themselves of normal fish. This was proven by a group of scientists involved in the search of sunken ships. During one mission, they captured on video as one of the game devouring huge shark in a moment was swallowed by a fish.

Rare footage was captured during the search for the sunken Second world war ship called the SS Bloody Marsh. Historical data says that it was sunk on 2 July 1943, by a shell fired submarine U-66. It happened somewhere in the 130 kilometers from the American state of South Carolina, but the wreck is still not found.

The fish eats the shark

The researchers were looking for the ship at a depth of 450 meters and suddenly noticed a flock of small sharks eat 2.5-meter swordfish. She clearly wasn’t killed by predatory fish and don’t fall off fishing boat next to it was not noticed any lines or fishing nets. Scientists have been unable to determine the cause of death of a huge fish because at the time of shooting sharks managed to eat most of it.

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But scientists quickly identified the species of sharks they were so-called polar shark, which is known for its sedentary lifestyle. They do not prey on fish alone, and just slowly move across the seabed, waiting to fall on top of the body of some dead animal. Sometimes, sensing the smell of meat or catching the signals of other dogs, they walk tens of kilometers to eat.

Rock bass

At the same depth, you can meet other fish, called polipoli, or stone bass. They can be found on the shipwreck, and their length sometimes reaches two meters. On this basis, it is not surprising that one of the animals managed at one point to almost completely swallow one of the smaller sharks. In the video this time, you can see at 1:44 minutes. According to researcher Peter Oster, such a sight can be seen very rarely.

However, dangerous enemies, even the bloodthirsty white sharks. These are the orca — predatory whales, the length of which reaches 10 meters. White sharks are well aware of the danger of killer whales, and try not to appear in their territory.